Due to sever weather and power outages the LIVE workshop
can NOT run LIVE at the scheduled time.

I am so very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!


As I couldn’t be on live to answer any of your questions and as a way to say sorry
I would love to offer you all a FREE 20 minute coaching session with me
around any topic relating to photography or business you are having trouble with.

Once I have access to power I will set up a link to my calendar and email you the information.


Please find below a LINK to a REPLAY of a similar workshop I held at the beginning of the month.
This contains a lot of the core content that I was going to cover today.
Since you had already set aside the hour please watch and learn from this replay, sit back and ENJOY.


Replay URL:


I once again apologise for this inconvenience

I will be in contact as soon as I have access to power

Jade xx