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Catch up with Jade

Catch up with Jade

What a year it has been already, I have been here there and everywhere for weddings and – shock horror – a ‘kind-of’ holiday, and it’s only the beginning of March. What has this year still got in store for me with so much to go!?

How good was January for tennis – love the Aussie open and without wishing the time away (because there are some super exciting things coming up) I can’t wait until January 2016; I’ve bitten the bullet and I am finally going to the Australian Open – HOORAY! On a side note, I still don’t have a passport yet (Beej thinks this is terrible) so it’s my mission to get one this year – and hopefully a destination wedding with it (I’m thinking, Maldives, Canada, New Zealand?!?!)

Two and a half months into the year and I’ve been to Adelaide 4 times, Perth, Dunsborough, Riverland, Port Elliot….safe to say the little Holden Cruze gets a bit of a workout, oh and one flat tyre for anyone keeping count. Good thing I love to move around, and even better is that I have invested in some awesome tools to make working while travelling super easy!

I have met some awesome people already this year, and so it goes in my line of work, Im blessed to now call them friends. I am lucky that every weekend I get to hang out with people that are in good spirits, positive frames of mind, and ready to party – weddings will do that to you! Being single at weddings is a bit of a funny experience…actually super funny. I was talking to one bridesmaid the morning of a wedding photography job, and she was saying she was single and there were only 2 single guys at the wedding. With only 2 guys to choose from it seemed she wasn’t 100% sure on which she liked more, so she said ‘hands off, they are all mine!’ No worries from me, I’m gone by 10pm anyway, and that seems to be when the romance starts for singles at a wedding!

I’m gonna be honest here though – as tough as it can be for wedding photographers to spend whole weekends away from their families and behind a camera (and I sympathise with this), it can also be tough for us single girls – you don’t meet many people out on a weeknight (I’m usually travelling or behind the computer anyway) and as you can tell, there aren’t many single people at weddings!

March is an exciting month with the most weddings of the whole year. Mad March is definitely a popular month to get married, not only does it hold a long weekend, but we hit the nice weather, not stinking hot (hello February), a nice cool breeze for the boys in suits. It’s also not getting as dark as late as we hit the end of daylight savings so the sunsets are a little earlier for sunset wedding photos. I’ll be travelling to Ceduna, Adelaide, Cowell and Port Lincoln on the weekends and stop wherever I am during the week or head home to continue working on edits, album designs, marketing etc. You can imagine I stop for fuel a lot, so one day as I was filling up I was chatting with the console operator, and they asked what I was up to for the weekend. I explained I was off to photograph a wedding. His hilarious response? “Oh, so you’re a wedding photographer, do you work during the week?” *FOREHEAD SLAP!* He clearly doesn’t know what a wedding photographer does, you can see a little more about my day written in a blog post ‘Day In The Life of Jade Norwood Photography’.

This year I am again battling the work/life balance, and I feel like I am getting better. I must admit I still have a way to go, but I am taking steps forward and have even had a few chances to catch up for drinks and meals with friends. Winning!! Many more to catch up with though! Maybe there will be a non-working holiday in there soon too! Im thinking snorkeling on the great barrier reef…

While I continue working away and doing a lot of editing with so many weddings on the cards, I’ve got a few TV series going on to take away the silence! This year I’ve already watched/listened to 5 different ones from start to finish and now I am waiting for them to be released a show each week….That’s not going to work for me, so if you have tips on great shows to watch give me a shout out!

My poor D4 is also getting a thrashing, and has been totally knocked around this year, including me falling over last weekend hahaha and instead of letting it go I just used it as an extension of my hand… but it is a super workhorse and continues to work like a friggin champ…thank *expletive*!!

Lacey and Chelsea – my nieces – are still a huge draw card for me to go home to the West Coast, I miss them sooooo much when I am away. They are always growing, every time I see them they have changed, talking more, getting taller, learning new things. Do people want more photos of them?! I feel like I used to flood you all with photos of Lacey and Chelsea, but at your insistence I can always share more, I am sure that will make Nanna happy!

OH! I nearly forgot to say – I’ve gotten into make up! People who know me will be shocked out of their seats now, but it’s never too late in life, right?! I’m still learning, so I need lots of tips and I turn to youtube, but send me yours and let me know your favourite products, tricks and must have/must do! I’m also giving up my terrible habit of chewing my nails and have managed to grow them…what the! A big change, for someone who did it for their lifetime. I continue to battle towards a different image of healthy, but all I do, the time with friends and family and taking breaks from work – it’s all a part of getting me there. Here’s to the rest of 2015!

Cause every blog post needs a photo, and lets be honest.. How cute is Chelsea!! 

Beej – Personal Update

Beej – Personal Update

It’s been a while since we have shared some of our lives with those who share so much with us, so here we are for an update, starting with me, Beej.

The last you probably ‘saw’ of me was my maternity photos with Jade, before the arrival of our wonderful Ellie Grace in May last year. What an adventure it has been! She is now 10 months old, which I think is a brilliant age – eating messy foods, speaking a few ‘words’, pulling her silly face, trying to crawl/climb/walk, throwing the odd hissy fit and learning so much! I could (and would quite happily) share with you the full blown account of how I struggled in the beginning with anxiety, and was one of the fortunate ones to seek help early to be out of the dark by around the 3 month mark, but while we can reflect on the past, I am keen to celebrate the present and the future!

We have made the (100m!) move into the bigger house on the farm, which has been a huge change in space, and a challenge in Internet reception! I have been back on deck with Jade for quite some time now – I enjoy the work, the challenge, the creativity, and the feeling of productivity. I am very blessed to be in the position I am and to in some way share in the beautiful weddings Jade photographs. The thanks received for the job by Jade and clients alike makes it worth it!

I listen to a LOT of ABC kids TV. Giggle and Hoot is Ellie’s favourite, but I’m a fan of Charlie and Lola – maybe because of their accents. I can sing the Timmy Time song to you, and I know the difference between Sarah and Duck (Quack!) and Peg and Cat (‘we’ve got a REALLY big problem!). I definitely like the episodes of Play School when Hugh Sheridan is hosting.

My husband Luke had a knee recon when Ellie was just 6 weeks old – this really sucked for him (phewph for Health Insurance), but lately it has meant I’ve had a guaranteed babysitter for tennis and netball preseason which I’ve really enjoyed because they are my ‘me time’ moments. We have busy weeks at the moment and Ellie is just one baby under one! Juggling working, studying, swimming lessons, mums and bubs gym and coffee, kindergym, cleaning, cleaning cleaning, social life, married life, reading, parenting– the list goes on and on! It can be a trial sometimes, that’s for sure, but we have a lot of fun, deal with the challenges, and sleep (mostly!) well at night. We’ve been blessed with a cheeky, happy and healthy child and we can’t really ask for much more than that.

On a lower note, I attended six funerals in three months last year. Six. It certainly made me appreciate and be outwardly grateful for everything that is good and wonderful in my life (but I still let the verbal appreciation fall to the wayside too often). What I wanted to scream to people each time was – TAKE PHOTOS AND MOVIES – sometimes in these moments, it becomes all we have left. It also made me realise how little we know of our parents pasts, compared to what they knew of theirs. Do we not talk the way people used to, or did we not listen as kids? How do we start to learn?

I’m a slight hypocrite though when it comes to preaching about taking and print photos. I’ve got a tonne of photos on my computer, neatly in folders and backed up to my hardrive, but it’s only this week that I’ve gotten over 200 printed for Ellie’s album, I’ve just hung 3 photos on the wall, and I need to still get her newborn photos blown up – now we are in ‘the big house’ I’ve got so much more wall space to play with! I refuse to be that person that loses all their photos one day on a broken phone, or whose photos are only in the digital realm – I love to flick through an album of photos and there is a lot of joy and many memories in the photos on display in our house.

I’m hanging for a tropical, silver service holiday and seeing the cruise ships in the bay of Port Lincoln only fuels that flame further, but I’m excited about our first family camping trip to the Riverland for Easter this year – keeping up my old traditions and starting the new generation of Easter campers!  I’m still fighting that baby bulge, but not very hard (apparently!), and working out how to do it all, and not do too much. Every day I am finding something to be grateful for, even if sometimes that’s sitting down at the end of the night in the silence, everything done, and something good on TV.

I feel like I’ve written an essay and not even told you the half of it (OMG I conquered making cold rolls/has Ellie really grown out of another size?/I can’t believe we’ve raised that much money for a new clubrooms/I gave up on C25K again/I just bought a dishwasher, hooray!), but these days in my house, it’s work tools down at 5pm and time to get tea for a little girl ready (anyone got any ideas??), so that I take the time to unwind from the mental work, maybe read a book or mop the floors (how opposite) and right now, join Luke and Ellie in a giggle fit on the floor. Til next time when it’s nose down bum up – Ciao.

Some cracker snaps by Beej of her gorgeous family…


Christmas + New Year Closure

Christmas + New Year Closure

Today is officially the last day in the office for Jade Norwood Photography in 2014. We are taking our own advice and shutting up shop to spend time with the special people in our lives and hope you will be doing the same with your nearest and dearest (read our 2014 THANK YOU).

Never fear – we will be back bigger and better than ever in 2015, ready to spoil our lovely followers and admirers with more wedding photos of all of our gorgeous #jnbrides (hint: grab a Brides of Adelaide next month, or this months Modern Wedding magazine, White Magazine or SA Life for a few familiar faces).

If you would like to be a #jnbride in 2015 and 2016 – get in quick! Dates are disappearing faster than the kinder surprise candy canes on our trees.

We will be back in the office on the 6th of January 2015 and can’t wait to hear all the engagement stories that happen over the xmas and new year period…

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Super Happy 2015.



Thank You

Thank You

It’s December, the final month of the year, the beginning of the festive and fun season, and the time that we give our thanks, set our goals and generally take the time to be merry!

I personally want to take this chance to thank the beautiful people that I come across in my work;

Thank you for your continual support of my business, whether it is through a booking, a Facebook like, commenting on a blog post about how much you love it, or sharing the joy of your photos with friends and family.

Thank you for referring me onto other families and newly engaged couples. A referral is the greatest compliment – it says that I did a great job for you, and you trust me to do a great job for someone that means a lot to you, and that means a lot to me.

Thank you for your loyalty, for coming back to me for more photographs – this means the world to me.

Thank you for allowing me to feel your joy and be a part of the big moments of your lives, for allowing me to indulge my creative passions (which in turn brings me joy) and for becoming my friends through it all.

My wish for you this Christmas and New Year is that you get out your own cameras and capture the memories you are making, BUT, you remember to put the camera or phone down and be present in the moment; you can’t capture a memory if you aren’t creating one! Our time is precious, our families one of a kind, and our friends like extended family. Cherish every moment with them.

As for your New Years resolution, may I suggest a simple but very important one – to back up your photos…twice! Put them on a computer and then back them up onto hard-drives to keep your photos forever… don’t let us become the lost generation of crashed computers, drowned iPhones and missing memories.

As a final note, I would like to let everyone know that the Jade Norwood Photography office will be closed from December 23rd to January 6th. For the first time ever I am going to set up my auto responder and resist the temptation to answer emails, texts, Facebook messages and edit photos or design album.. Eeeekkkk its going to be so hard! It’s time I took my own advice and surround myself with my family instead of computer screens and crazy hours. I’ll be back better than ever in the New Year, with renewed enthusiasm, and probably many, many, MANY new ideas for my notepad!

You will hear from us again before the end of the year, however wishing you an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautiful people.

jade norwood photography

My beautiful sister and her family, the best nieces ever, I’m so lucky!!

New usb’s

New usb’s

So I love new gadgets and toys, I’m always looking for something new to really enhance the client experience. I am so aware that technology especially has a limited life with its constant evolution leaving old technology in the dust (remember floppy disks?!) which is why I wholeheartedly advocate for prints, canvases and most importantly, albums, so you can be sure you’ve forever got a copy of your beautiful photos. But when the technology is at hand, well, I like to go all out!

The newest update to client packages are these super cool, super slim USBs, which look more like Jade Norwood Photography Credit Cards (sorry, you’re not getting your hands on my actual cards!). You can literally fit it in your wallet, so you can carry it around to share with friends or just to the local printers to get your wedding photos printed ASAP! You simply flip out the attachment piece (the small rectangle) and plug it into the computer. Flip it back in to protect the connection and your precious photos, and you’re done.
I seriously love the way they look, so sleek, slim and sexy! Who know’s what I will find next!