1:1 Mentorship/coaching for photographers

Do you?

Feel like you spend so much time editing in your photography business that you have absolutely no time for the important people in your lives?

Feel like other photographers must have something you don’t and you’re really afraid of failing and not being able to book enough clients?

Worry sometimes that you aren’t good enough to get paid as a photographer?

Feel like you’re not making the money you want to make, you used to love photography, and now you’re wondering if you can ever make enough money?

Feel like most of your days are spent in frustration, confusion and loneliness? Have you been hustling & working hard with your photography with little results to show for it?

Are you struggling to make enough money to turn your photography into something profitable, not just have an expensive hobby?

See other photographers on Facebook that you follow, who seemingly have it all; money, time, happiness, and are breezing through their ‘to do list’, leaving you wondering why it can’t be you and what you could be doing wrong?

Don't feel alone

I've been there too

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Well I was afraid of that in the beginning too, everyone told me I would never sell $1k wedding packages let alone what I sell now; high end wedding packages of $12k.

I was afraid that I wasn’t a good enough photographer to get paid and I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able charge what I needed to survive, let alone create a lifestyle I love.

I started my photography business from a 36ft Bedford bus in a remote rural community of 3000 people, I struggled to get $200 for a session plus 30 edited photos on a disc. Now I average $1800 per family session and $5500 for weddings.

I had people tell me I would never make money from photography and asking when was I going to get a real job!

Despite the nay sayers I was able to figure out how to make this work.

Over the course of my professional career I mastered the editing workflow, how to price for profit and how to magnetize your ideal clients to keep your calendar booked solid.

My reality now is that I travel 70% of the year, have all the days off I want and make an awesome 6 figure income.

You can do this too!

I cant wait to work one on one with Jade

I need the 6 month mentorship program

I have always loved mentoring and helping other photographers and I have seen a need in the industry for one on one mentorship over a 6 month period rather than a 2 day group workshop.

Do you want to

* Find out how to cut your editing time to 1 hour for portrait sessions and 4 hours for weddings?

* Help with packaging and pricing your services so you fall in love with your offer, feel super confident and attract ideal clients you love who say yes more often?

* Discover the best referral methods so that you get booked out by your dream clients and have waiting lists?

* Learn how to make consistent income from your photography business?

* Discover why you are good enough to charge the prices you love and why creating a dream business where you make the money and have the free time you want can happen for you?

* Learn how to overcome fear or failure, be confident through great imagery, online presence and have clients willing to pay your worth?

* Learn how to get your client at ease in front of your camera with a set plan for each shoot that’s easy to remember?

* Stop guessing about what to do next, working too hard and having little to show for it, instead have a clear road map that leads to big dollars?!

Don't keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome!

Why are you waiting? What are you waiting for?

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The solution is here


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A 6 month 1:1 tailored mentorship program


6 months to a photography business
you desire and getting your time back


18 – 45 min phone/skype voice calls


$5500 pay in full or
3 payments of $2100 over 3 months

Yes I am excited for change now

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How much money have you spent with no changes?

Has this been you?

How many courses have you spent money on?

How many actions and presets have you bought?

How many free or paid ebooks have you got that were full of good information but they were actually too overwhelming to implement, and are now collecting dust on your hard drive of your computer?

How much time and money have you spent being taught to in the masses?

And how much individual time have you had where someone gets to get their hands on your business and guides you through your specific concerns?

Through one on one mentorship with me, you wont just learn great content, you will learn, and be guided and supported through the implementation process. You will have someone there who has been through the highs and lows before.

How many more $99 online courses or $2000 in person workshops or actions are you going to buy before things actually change?


Say yes today to change and creating the business and life style you desire!


I will support you to:
* Start from scratch through to making a six figure business automated business
* Spend less time editing and working on your business and have more time off
* Have more money to travel or spend on family and do the fun stuff that you work so hard for.

Im ready for change
I want to work 1:1
Im ready to learn

Still not sure?

Hear from others

“I had absolutely no hesitations in working with Jade. Since we started working together I have more confidence, I have a HUGE difference in time management and a HUGE DIFFERENCE in editing skills. Jade was very easy going and fun to work with. Everything she taught me was easy to understand and the best thing is we got to work, but also shared a lot of laughs too. I was very happy that Jade was able to tailor the one on one intensives days to suit my needs, not to have the course weighted down with information that I might have already known or not found useful. I am feeling so much better in myself and my work, I recommend to anyone who wants to move forward in their business or editing skills to work with Jade. The most important thing people should know about working with Jade is that she has a fantastic knowledge in business and photography, and she’s fun to work with and love to laugh! I would like to take the opportunity to say Thank you Jade so much for your help you’ve boosted my confidence, allowed me to have faith in my work again and given me very valuable information to allow my business to run more efficiently and smoothly.” – Kristy

“The only thing holding me back from coaching was self doubt but now I have the confidence to know my worth and charge double, and to be able to have a vision, know what I need to capture it and know what I need to do in developing the image in Lightroom or photoshop to make it look just like I wanted.  I love when I have a problem, Jade is able to sort it out straight away, saving me from using the axe and giving up entirely! Coaching has been total value for money and Jade is a mountain of knowledge that she  is willing to share with people from beginner to professional. Seriously don’t waste another minute, call Jade now!” – Barb

“Anyone would benefit from these mentoring sessions. Jade is able to help everyone enhance their photography. She is a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share that knowledge and everyone can benefit… in a fun, casual and a fantastic learning environment… I have always been in awe of Jade’s skill and talent so I was so honoured to have her share that with me. The whole mentoring session with Jade was incredible, I had so much fun, she has a fantastic sense of humour and the time just flew by. I also have an incredible resource to look back on, thanks to Jade’s fabulous photography guides that she puts together for mentoring sessions. These are so beautiful, I hated marking them – but I did & I filled it with notes!” – Cindy

“My biggest hesitation was that it would be a waste of money, having done a photography tutorial before and not got a lot out of it…(but) I learnt so much and it really boosted my confidence. Finding out that manual was so simple was just like a ‘wow ‘moment. Also sorting out the problem of focus points and adjusting through the eyepiece, all basic tips that have now allowed me to take the sort of photos I want – although I still need practice! It’s awesome to look through my photos and go ‘wow they’re all in focus & look great!’ I didn’t have any hesitations working with you personally as from your first email I thought we’d get on great. (I love ) your openness & honesty, flexibility, fun and humour…and Laugh! I can totally understand how you put everyone at ease at weddings. Also bringing along the couple so I could see you “in action” was just awesome.” – Jessica

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Some two day workshops in the industry are $1800 + accommodation + flights + time away from your business and loved ones… So it could cost you $2700+ for 14 hours of content that isn’t tailored to your business needs.

I am 110% committed to making sure you leave with the mindset, skills, tools and knowledge to create a business that allows you to have the lifestyle you crave.

Be fully supported by an expert who has your back instead of trying to figure everything out on your own.

Photography Mentor Coach Jade Norwood
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The 6 month mentorship program
Sounds great, I would love to chat more to see if it will work for me