Top 7 Secrets to Getting Booked as a Photographer

Top 7 Secrets to Getting Booked as a Photographer

Top 7 Secrets to Getting Booked as a Photographer

As a photographer how good does it feel to say, “Bam! Just booked another shoot”. I have spoken to so many photographers over the last few months that are struggling to get bookings and struggling to keep their businesses going! So I created a FREE pdf download to help you get your calendar booked!

Do you:
+ Feel like you’re not making the money you want to make, you used to love photography, and now you’re wondering if you can ever make enough money?
+ Have you been hustling & working hard with your photography with little results to show for it?
+ Feel like other photographers must have something you don’t and you’re really afraid of failing and not being able to book enough clients?
+ Worry sometimes that you aren’t good enough to get paid as a photographer?
+ Feel like you are struggling to make enough money to turn your photography into something profitable, not just have an expensive hobby?

Don’t feel alone, I felt that way for many years also!

Download this free training and you’ll learn:
* How to get booked and stay booked solid with clients you love.
* How to make consistent income from your photography business.
* How to believe in your own ability and build confidence
* How to get visible to your ideal client

Now if you’re the type of person that goes into overwhelmed mode and puts this information in the too hard basket for now, even though you recognise some great material that you can act on, just know you’re really missing a great opportunity. Please, don’t put this guide on your proverbial harddrive shelf to gather dust and never been seen again. You don’t need to use all of the tips, or even most of them, so don’t get your self stressed out over not being able to do it! What you really need to do most is step 1 – nail your ideal client. From there, just pick what suits you best and work it! You might find a few approaches in this guide that really do the trick for your business, and down the track you’ll still have tons of other options to continue to switch up your strategies if you so choose.

I’m not saying it is going to be easy; you need to put in a lot of hard work in the beginning and be determined in your approach. You may get a ‘No Thanks’ response from time to time, but that’s ok – you just get up and get going again and again and again!

My top Secrets include: Identify your ideal client, Practice makes perfect, Positive mindset, Tell everyone what you do, Develop and implement a marketing calendar…

To find out all 7 and maybe even some bonuses… and to find out how to use each of these secrets Click HERE to sign up to have access to the FREE DOWNLOAD Top 7 secrets to getting booked PDF

top 7 secrets to getting booked as a photographer

I also have something super awesome to share with you all… For JUNE I have a HUGE MASSIVE SALE on mentoring..


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Package includes:
1 – 4 hour intensive call
5 – 45 minutes calls
$880.00 AUD
(to be used within three months)

We will build a personal plan for you, some of which may cover:
– Learn marketing funnels so you can make consistent income from your photography business
– Implement your system and structures, and automate client booking and money making
– Put in place the best referral methods so that you get booked out by your dream clients and have waiting lists
– Learn how to exactly structure an email so it takes you a fraction of the time
– Learn how to master the relationship building process so your clients are excited to work with you and happy to pay your services
– Learn exactly how to stream line your every day tasks and what you should be focusing on to make money and what you don’t need to spend your time on so you can make more money in your business consistently
– Become masterful at your craft so that you can charge high level prices and hear yes book me in more often
– Avoid the number one branding mistake that most photographers make and instead create a conscious brand on purpose to easily sell your packages and make them irresistible
– How to further develop your passion so that you can be consistent and get clients without wasting time on fb and missing out on family time
– The exact tools and systems to use to cut your editing time in half so you can make more money and spend more time with the people you love

This is crazy value for money…

I just really want to support more people to show them what is possible with continued support!

Please schedule in for a time on the 30th June – We wont need to chat at this time, it is just a way for the scheduler to book in and secure your package. We will communicate via email to lock in your exact sessions.

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