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Wedding Planning | Pinterest is your new best friend

Wedding Planning | Pinterest is your new best friend

How did we ever plan a wedding before Pinterest? Think back to the caveman days when we had to use scissors to cut pictures and ideas out of magazines to pin on a corkboard balanced haphazardly on any spare piece of furniture we could find. Now all we need to do is hit the ‘Pin It’ button on anything that takes our fancy on the internet, file it on our chosen ‘board’ and come back to it whenever we need some inspiration (and no matter how much you ‘pin’ it doesn’t take up any room in our house!).

It’s a fantastic tool for all things wedding, creating colour themes, decorating outdoor weddings, rustic wedding inspiration and wedding photography ideas that are unique, amazing and will give your wedding photos that WOW factor!

We’ve started pinning blog posts so that our brides’ fantastic weddings can serve as inspiration for the many brides-to-be around the world. Share the wedding inspiration along with us and ‘Re-Pin’ the themes, styles, colours, photographs and ideas that you think should be given the attention it deserves!

Think we’ve missed something? You can pin anything you like from the Jade Norwood Photography website using your installed ‘Pin It’ button, selecting the picture you want to share, and adding info so that other people can find your pin in their searches. Check out some of the pins we’ve put out into the world so far for your own ‘pinspiration’ (get it? hehe)!

A Coral Themed Wedding

wedding planning coral themed wedding

Amazing Wedding Photo Ideas

amazing wedding photo idea

Wedding Planning with Pinterest

wedding planning with pinterest

Welcome Belinda-Jane | Marketing & Communications Manager

Welcome Belinda-Jane | Marketing & Communications Manager

Hi, I’m Belinda-Jane, 6 foot tall netballer, farmers wife, sometimes writer, hopeless romantic and the new Marketing and Communications Manager at Jade Norwood Photography. I’ve jumped aboard the Jade Norwood bandwagon this month to bring all of Jade’s clients and fans a new level of service, and bring together the many dreams and ideas Jade has for her delightfully growing business.

Anyone with any camera can take a photograph, but it takes a certain type of person to see into the moment and capture a memory. When you look at Jade’s photos, you don’t just see a mirror image of that day; instead you see the heart, the spirit, the emotion and the warmth of that moment in time.

Jade’s skills translate into beautiful photographs that reach into your being and grip your soul, taking you back to that treasured moment and reminding you of each of the emotions you experienced. Her passion ensures that each photograph tells a story, one that brings joy to you, your family and your friends for years and generations to come.

A cherished gift, a work of art, your precious memory captured for eternity; all because one woman looked through a viewfinder and found the magic in your moment. I should know, because I had her take my wedding photos just last year.

When I believe in something or someone, I want to make sure everyone knows about it and gets to experience it for themselves, and that is what I am here to do. Together, Jade and I will bring you new information, ideas and services that will transform your wedding photography and wedding planning experience, as well as develop the brand that is ‘Jade Norwood Photography’, and of course, have a little fun along the way!

I am very excited to be working with Jade, so keep your eyes peeled and nose to the ground, and join us on this completely unchartered but ever so bright adventure!

I look forward to the journey, Beej xx

Wedding_Planner_ Belinda-jane

Note from Jade: OMG I am so excited and lucky to have Beej working with me… Cant wait for you all to find out how amazing she is:)