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Investing in a Legacy Photo Album

Investing in a Legacy Photo Album: Why your disk or USB of photos will be out dated first!!
Written By Beej

I have this memory as a young girl of sitting on my parent’s bed on their anniversary, flicking through their wedding album. We had just got to the family photos when my little brother realised that the gawky teenager with the bad hairdo next to my dad was actually our uncle 15 years younger. It made him laugh so hard that he fell off the bed – soon we were all in fits of giggles. This memory was triggered when it came time to choose my own wedding photographer, and that is how I knew that a quality wedding album would have to be amongst the package that we chose.

In today’s technological age, a printed album can seem really out-dated; when photos can be emailed, stored on a computer, hard drive, usb or a disk, a photo album can seem like just another dust collector. But having worked alongside a data recovery agent, I know that when technology fails – which it does often and easily – there is a lot of heartache at the realisation that printing the favourite family photo was still on the to do list, or the photos of your wedding day were suddenly gone without a trace.

A disk of photos can be a great way of keeping all of the snaps that didn’t make the album so you can look back on them and reminisce…when you find the dust covered disk in your drawer that is. But the way technology is advancing, some computers no longer even have a disk drive as they get phased out like floppy disks in favour of USB’s – and who’s to say USB’s aren’t next on the hit list!

A wedding album is more than just a few snaps of your day in one neat and tidy book. It is the story of your wedding day told in beautiful pictures and just looking at it brings back those feelings of joy. Wall prints are the same in the way they create joy and bring back memories, regardless of whether it is a wedding photo or a family portrait. A quality print on the wall brings a certain kind of warmth and pride to your home. It’s the public display and a permanent record of your love, and what your love has created. There is no way that those emotions, nor their visual displays, could ever be out-dated. One of your greatest investments that becomes priceless and only grows in worth will be a quality photo album or print, captured and organised by a quality photographer, using a quality printing company. Getting the picture? It’s all about quality; there are hundreds of printing companies, but your photographer will know where to go to do your photos justice.

The story told by your album or print is timeless, priceless, and in later years becomes a family heirloom. It can be all that is left behind after loved ones pass, or it can be a moment to share with Grandma each visit. Where memories fail, photos thankfully fill the gap so we can forever be filled with the happiness we have been blessed with. I know that 10 years from now, I’m probably not going to remember the moment that our pageboy picked a flower for the bridesmaids as we had photos in a Port Lincoln paddock. But thanks to Jade Norwood that moment in time, along with many others, have been captured and are on display in our very own wedding album. I can’t wait to one day share it with our kids so they can see their parents on one of the happiest days of our lives…or just to laugh at so hard (at their dad, not their mum!) that they can’t help but fall off the bed!

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