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Hi, I'm Jade!

Every soul deserves to have beautiful photos that reflect their true essence.

My promise? To create an atmosphere where you'll feel so at ease, you'll forget you're in front of the camera. Let's make magic together!

Im Jade, the creative maestro behind the lens, weaving visual stories that capture the essence of your love story.

Your wedding day is all about love, laughter, and those beautiful unscripted moments – and you deserve a photographer who gets your vision and knows how to capture every candid moment (and the not-so-candid ones too)!

On your wedding day, we’re not just snapping pictures; we’re creating timeless keepsakes that transport you back to the laughter, the love, and the unique moments that defined your special day. With over 14 years experience and an extensive portfolio of over 300 weddings, I’ve perfected the art of capturing not just images but the emotions that accompany them. 

Ever had that moment in front of the camera feeling awkward and felt like you stumbled into an unplanned comedy scene? Well, fear not! On your wedding day, I’m not just a photographer; think of me as your personal comedy director, turning any potential awkwardness into a script of joy, and the image looking like it came out of a high end wedding magazine! I’ve seen it all – grooms initially camera-shy, only to become the unexpected stars of the show, groomsmen with a one-track mind for partying, and brides initially feeling self-conscious, leaving with an undeniable radiance. My photography experience aims to create an atmosphere that’s as laid-back as swapping funny stories with a dear friend. And when it comes to the ‘posing’ game – no stress! Unsure whether to smirk or wink? I’ve got you covered! I used to be over 150kg, so I really “get” being unforgettable infront of the camera and angles!! I know angles! But if you’ve already mastered the perfect pose, bravo!

"Let's create memories together that will make you laugh, cry happy tears, and cherish the beautiful chaos of love."

Let’s make your photo time a breeze, tapping into my extensive experience to capture every smile, every chuckle, and every heartwarming moment that tells the story of your love with genuine joy and laughter. Oh, and about those well-intentioned timelines that don’t always go according to plan? Don’t worry—I know how to find the best light, pick the perfect lens and create images quickly, making up for lost time so that you don’t have to stress.

The venue? It’s not just a backdrop; it’s the setting for your love story to unfold, whether it’s a rustic shearing shed at Buckleboo or the elegant halls of the State Library in Adelaide City. Fast forward years from now, and as you flip through your wedding album, you won’t just see images; you’ll feel the joy, the humor, and the warmth captured in every frame. 

Your love story. It’s not just a narrative; it’s a collection of moments that have shaped the beautiful bond you and your partner share. From the butterflies of your first date to the stolen glances across crowded rooms, your journey has been nothing short of magical. What really sets my soul on fire is the narrative—the story you’ve written together from that first awkward date to the unforgettable moments that define your journey. I’m not just here to snap pictures; I’m on a mission to immortalize the very essence of your special day, to freeze-frame those laughter-filled seconds, those teary-eyed glances, and all those little nuances that make your love story uniquely yours. Your story matters, and I’ll be there, camera in hand, ready to turn it into a masterpiece.

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