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Wedding makeup tips

When it comes to weddings there are a lot of key factors to take into consideration. Not only will these factors determine the outcome of most of your wedding, they will always be remembered. Two very important factors to take into consideration when you are a bride is your photographer and the Adelaide makeup artist you choose. The two happen to go hand in hand and have a lot tied together.

Photography has changed over the years and it is not what it used to be. If we think back to the beginning of photography, photos were black and white everyone seemed to have flawless porcelain skin. If you take a black and white photo right now your skin will look perfect.

Times have changed, so has photography and as well the makeup industry. Everything is High Definition now. The clarity is unparalleled and amazing. As a photographer in our fair city of Adelaide, i have a few tips for future brides. I feel it is my duty to inform all future brides of what to take into consideration when looking for an Adelaide makeup artist.

There are things you can do to make sure your photographer has a great canvas to work with. As a photographer, my job is more than just taking beautiful photos. The main job of a wedding photographer is to provide assistance in every step of the bride’s big day. Finding the right makeup artist in Adelaide in a very important step as the outcome can make or break the photo session. The last thing a photographer wants is an upset bride with her photos because the makeup was flawed.

The first step when searching for your friendly Adelaide wedding makeup artist is checking her credentials. In the era of technology it is very easy to find a wedding makeup artists social media page and check out her portfolio. The best part about social media is that you will find tags of the work she has done from the events people attend. This way you get to see the outcome photographed by professionals and not just the photos she would take with her phone camera.

The second aspect you should take into consideration should be the products she uses. This is very important when it comes to photography. There is makeup that is HD and works perfectly when it comes to photo-shoots. If the products are a quality brand they will stay on longer and your photos will be flawless.

A third very important aspect when finding your Adelaide wedding makeup artist is booking a trial makeup session. It might be an extra cost but this way you get to be sure of the outcome on your wedding day. If there are certain colors or makeup strategies that do not suit you, you can let her know and make her job easier. Communication is key.

Makeup is about blending everything discreetly and perfectly even. The color of your foundation has to be just right otherwise your photos will show the discrepancy towards your jawline and your “clivage”. The contouring will make your features pop with the right amount of shadow or highlight. If there are any imperfections with a face structure, contouring will eradicate the flaws one might have. We aren’t all perfect, there are asymmetrical challenges that your Adelaide wedding makeup artist can fix. This way when your photographer is taking your photos it will give the allusion of perfection and you will be left with a flawless face.

As a photographer, I believe that finding the right wedding makeup artist in Adelaide will not only benefit the future bride but it will make my job easier. When the face is flawless or the imperfections are taken care of, your photos will not need as much editing. The photos will give off a natural vibe close to the moment they were taken.
I consider one of my main priorities to be that of building trust. Making sure your client feels confident and good about themselves is one of the most important parts of having a great wedding session. If they look in the mirror and feel good about themselves, they will most likely trust you and listen to your directions more easily.
Guiding my clients towards great Adelaide wedding makeup artist offers a multitude of benefits for me as a photographer. With the right guidance, you can give your clients the confidence that will radiate in their photos and be captured forever.

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