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We don’t know much about you Jade, what can you tell us about yourself?

Bride-to-be FAQ – Q: We don’t know much about you Jade, what can you tell us about yourself?

A: Im not one of these photographers that will tell you I love coffee (because I don’t drink it) and do handy crafts on a Sunday… Lets be honest if I don’t have a wedding on a Sunday, Im on the road travelling, and then downloading, backing up and starting to work on Saturdays wedding.

Im very practical and just say it like it is…

I was raised in the country, in small town called Ceduna; which I still call home, and think I always will. And ok, I wasn’t the girly girl who played dress ups and played with barbies. I rode horses and played in the dirt. I wasn’t the little girl that planned my dream wedding, I have never been the girl that bought wedding magazines dreaming about my wedding. I guess being a romantic at heart has made be fall hard for weddings. I just love, LOVE.

I can ‘Mcguiver’ a lot of things – if something is broken, just find me a paperclip and some twine, I’ll sort it! I am a bit of a perfectionist, which has it pros and cons but I will go with more pros!

I will tell you that I am a fanatic for tennis and netball, and as much as I love the beach, I don’t get there enough. I love animals and my family means the world to me, whether that is blood family or friends I choose to be family.

I’m told I have an infectious laugh and I guarantee you I can make you laugh… Even is that means me just making a fool of myself to make you forget that the camera is even there!

I always have my music as loud as it can go in my car, I sing along of course, and have had the awkward moment when you’re singing the best song ever, as loud as you can… and your navigation system cuts in, stops the song and you hear yourself… eeekkkkk safe to say I quickly changed that setting!

Today I’m a wedding photographer living in between Ceduna and Adelaide. I shoot weddings and ensure your first day as husband and wife is etched in your hearts and minds as the best day of your lives. I’d love to chat more about the wedding of your dreams, so feel free to look around my website or simply send me an email for more information. You can read more about me here and here.

adelaide wedding photographer