Dreams, goals, aspirations…

Dreams, goals, aspirations… Everybody needs dreams right! Something to aim for, something to work towards, something to aspire too, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to work your butt off! Well I have many!! Most of the time I think I have far to many thoughts and ideas racing around in my head, and then with all the travel I do, hours on the road in the car, these turn into bigger ideas, and then dreams.

If you dont know already, I love netball… Australian Netball Diamonds vs New Zealand, ANZ champs, local netball, love it all. I could talk to you about all of the Australian players, and pretty much about all the New Zealanders too… Although not great on the English player unless they are in the ANZ champs.

Since we hardly get any netball coverage on TV I have been so lucky that a local lady is recording it for me from her Austar, so I get to watch nearly all of the matches; and between you and me, I might just watch them more than once!

You may remember I was lucky enough to photograph the Australian Netball Diamonds vs New Zealand test in Adelaide a year or so ago; its seems like forever ago in one sense, but I remember it just like it was yesterday. I absolutely loved the experience! Something I had dreamt of, but never thought it could happen, to me, to a country girl from so far away, with no connections in the industry or in netball at that level, with so many other photographers, in an industry that is over saturated.. But it did!!

Are you wondering where this is going, I know right… You have been getting used to reading the wonderful words of Belinda-Jane, and now you are hearing from me again, and my, write how I speak, set up:)

This leads me to another point! Another dream realised! I had always dreamed of one day being busy enough to be able to get someone on board to help out with things that I was falling behind on, to help expand the brand, to bring more awareness around unique quality photography and the reasons to invest in memories that will last beyond your life time. What better person to have along side me, than a previous Bride, a kind hearted, thoughtful, hard working, beautiful lady, who gave me the most humbling honour of being her wedding photographer and capturing all the love, meaning and detail of her wedding. I will never become complacent about it just being “another wedding”; I honestly believe and  feel very strongly, that your wedding day is one of the biggest, most important days in your life; and I am blown away each and everytime someone chooses me to share that day with them. Blessed, I am truly lucky!

Sorry, got side tracked on a little tangent there!! lol… however “weddings” and the “Australian Netball Diamonds” are both components of the dream I am sharing with you today. Ok… here it is…. One day I would love to capture the emotions, love and dedication of an Australian Netball players wedding!

Will it ever happen, I dont know, but I have to put it out in the universe right? I have to work hard at developing my skills, work hard at getting seen in different circles of people, work hard at giving people the best experience, work hard at only producing the best work, because one day, they might be looking for a wedding photographer and come across me, you just never know…

Think big, dream bigger!




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