back up your photos

Back up your photos

Back up your photos – and here’s a thought perhaps print some too, what about even putting one in a frame!!

It seems every year technology is making it easier and easier for use to take photos (brilliant), phones being an all in one device and camera features always advancing!

As a matter of fact, people from this decade have been the most photographed throughout history, however we also hold the record for the most lost memories. We lose our phone, drop it in water, run over it with the car, haven’t backed it up for months, and just like that you have lost all your memories of your newborn baby from birth to growing into a six months old.

We stopped printing photographs and backing them up… Why?

I don’t have all the answers but it happens far too often that I hear a friend or a client say they have lost all their photos from their phone – and the reality is that means those memories can only be relived in your own mind, not shared with others, and you’re probably going to forget a lot of them in the rush of life. Photos are a legacy, not just a computer file.

So here’s a reminder to upload your photos to your computer. Then back them up to an external drive. Find a couple you want to print for a random album of photos, or to put on the fridge, or to place in one of those draws that is full of photographic prints that make you laugh every time you open it. And hey!! even put one in a frame!!

Now mark your calendar for next month and the month after to do the same. You’ll be surprised how many memories are triggered just by looking at the photos as they upload! Of course – we totally endorse getting professional photos too – not just because it’s our business and we believe in their quality, but sometimes you need to be on the other side of the camera with your loved ones to!!

back up your photos

Photo – My nieces, Lacey and Chelsea from a couple of years ago…