Bell and Brunt Jewellers – stories of their engaged couples

One of the first questions you will get asked when you share the news of your engagement is – ‘how did he do it?’. Everyone wants to share in that emotional, magical and truly wonderful moment when as a couple you made the first pledge that you wanted to spend your life together.

As specialists in beautiful handmade diamond rings, the team at Bell and Brunt have seen their fair share of nervous boyfriends ready to propose, couples choosing or designing their rings together, and happy husbands and wives back to share the tales of their engagement as they design their eternity ring.

We asked Cheri Spargo from Bell and Brunt Jewellers about some of her favourite engagement stories, and this is what she shared with us.

Truly a Surprise Engagement!
We hand made an engagement ring for a gentleman who was going to surprise his partner with it on their four month overseas holiday.  He had taken the ring with him in his pocket everywhere they went waiting for the right moment to propose.   A few months into the trip had decided to propose that evening.  They were on a flight flying over India when she proposed to him!  He pulled the engagement ring out from his pocket whilst replying “yes”.  So after all this time, she ended up beating him to it on the same day he was to propose!

When is the perfect moment? Now!
My sister and brother-in-law came in to Bell & Brunt to collect their engagement ring when it was finished being hand made.  They were only half way down the stairs to leave when he bent down on one knee to propose … he couldn’t possibly wait any longer to make her his fiancé! They have just celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary and have purchased lots of jewelery since.

A speedy way to love at first sight.
We hand made engagement, wedding and eternity rings for Adelaide’s first speed dating couple.  Back when speed dating was first introduced to Adelaide, SAFM hosted an evening event.  This couple met there, fell in love and now have a beautiful family together.

A unique proposal!
We hand made an engagement ring for a gentleman that organised a very special proposal for his fiancé.  He organised a movie theatre to book him an advert slot on a particular evening.  He then made a video of him researching the engagement ring and finished the video off with us handing him over the stunning ring in the box and closed with him proposing to her.  He then acted as though they were just going to the movies and ended up surprising her with the video proposal and beautiful engagement ring.  Super inventive and unique we think.

No matter how you are proposed to, the moment is perfect and romantic in its own right – because that’s the moment you make your first lifelong promise! Was your engagement something special? Perhaps one day, Jade will be able to capture your own engagement – read about photographing the moment you propose here. And if you’d like to do it with a handmade Bell and Brunt diamond ring, you can visit their website at, or call 08 8321 9997 to start designing your own today!