blackwood forest engagement photos

Blackwood Forest Engagement Photos

Joanne and James met when they were both hired at Hoyts Cinema. “I had always thought he was incredible… so kind and handsome but he was taken for the first few years or so of knowing each other. Once I heard he was single I made my move and we hit it off straight away!”

They were so caught up in conversation on their real ‘first date’ that they almost missed the start of the movie! It was pretty clear that they only had eyes for each other.

JAMES: “After we had been together for about a year I knew that there was nothing that would cause me to not want to be together. She is so kind and loving that we could just never seem to fight or let anything get to us.”

JOANNE: “For me I knew after being together a year that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I had been in previous relationships but none of them were any where near as wonderful as what I have with him. It was nothing he did but more so who he was consistently, he has everything I want in a man, he’s selfless, loving, caring, a great leader, honest and so much fun!”

blackwood forest engagement photosblackwood forest engagement photos

blackwood forest engagement photos

Gorgeous ring designed by Bell & Brunt

Although they’d talked about marriage, James threw Joanne off in the lead up to the big moment, by telling her it couldn’t happen for a while financially. So when Joanne got the message that they were going out for dessert, she didn’t get changed from her gym gear figuring they were just headed out for a McFlurry!

JAMES I had been planning it for a couple of months and asked her parents two weeks prior to proposing. I felt confident that she was going to say yes.”

JOANNE: “I was on a high for about a month after he proposed I’d say!”

blackwood forest engagement photos

blackwood forest engagement photosblackwood forest engagement photosblackwood forest engagement photosblackwood-forest-engagement-photos_009blackwood forest engagement photosblackwood forest engagement photosblackwood forest engagement photos

Joanne and James are to be married at Al Ru Farm in March 2015 with a Country and Vintage theme, and they are looking forward to a long happy marriage if the last few years are anything to go by! For now though, they continue to stir each other up for their quirky habits:

He is a perfectionist. When his hair gets out of place he must fix it so of course I purposely mess it up just to see him react.”

“She is so clumsy, as soon as I hear any bang or smash I instantly know it was her!” 

We wish them all the best for their bright future together and what will no doubt be a beautiful wedding day.