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Lacey… May!

Lacey… May!

Today we were able to look after Lacey all day.

Soooo if you remember, my new years goal was to take a photo of Lacey every week.. Well…
With the few of life’s hurdles that have come up lately I have missed a week!
Today was the day to get back on track, (and since everyone has been asking me lately, when are more photos of Lacey going up?)

I decided to just click a few of her while she was playing.

And here she is showing her first two teeth:)

Oh, and yes, we did start training to sit up asap for a shoot I have planned in a few weeks…
Come on Lacey I know you can do it:) hehehe

Adelaide sessions available

Adelaide sessions available

Im heading over to Adelaide next weekend after a wedding in Whyalla
and have a few sessions available.

The dates I will be in Adelaide are from 29th of April till 9th of May.
So let your friends know and if you would like a session
feel free to drop me a line.

And because every post needs a photo
here are a few snaps of Lacey from last week.

Lacey update…

Lacey update…

I have had LOTS of requests lately for more photos of Lacey.

I didnt want every second image to be of Lacey on the blog so I have tried to hold off sharing them.
Good news, I am still on track with my goal, to take a picture every week

Lacey the Mermaid!

Earlier this year I told you all about my goal to take at least one photo of Lacey each week,
Well I am still on track! However I am really struggling with being ok
to just take a snap of her… Going to work on that this week!

Here is Lacey a couple of weeks ago in a beautiful little mermaid outfit that a lovely friend made for me.

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