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I can’t see my toes, but I’ve still got my belly button – just

I can’t see my toes, but I’ve still got my belly button – just

We promised it would be an exciting year at Jade Norwood Photography, and we have so much to share! You invite us into your lives and allow us to capture the biggest moments you enjoy, your engagement, your wedding photos, your maternity, newborn and family photos. So now it is time to return the favour and invite you into our lives, starting with Beej!

The countdown is well and truly on until the little creature I’ve been growing inside for what feels like forever will be squawking out in the real world. I can honestly say that this pregnancy has flown by; it was footy finals when we found out, soon our anniversary, harvest, festive season and summer was over! My birthday has been and gone, Easter is here, and so is my due date. Crazy.

natural relaxed maternity photos

To think there is chance that I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year is somewhat insane. After all the time we spent talking about how we couldn’t wait to start trying, the excitement of the pregnancy test, and the wonder at how the body works and technology shows us our baby, having that ‘still waiting’ phase nearly be complete is kind of surreal…..and so exciting.

I’ve been very lucky to enjoy a drama free pregnancy, after 12 weeks I mostly avoided morning sickness, I’ve managed to stay active, and having the privilege of working from home has meant I have still been able to work, but wind down my hours and enjoy some time at home reading pregnancy books between magazines (this took some adjusting to after working 2 jobs!). There have been those emotional hormonal bumps that I’ve had to buy extra tissues for, but they also work on the upside – I laugh more at the dumbest things.

natural relaxed maternity photosIt’s melted my heart to see Luke research the best prams, fiddle with the high chair, and put together the nursery furniture. It hasn’t been easy holding back from the shopping side of things, but everything remains super plain while we wait to meet our baby and find out their gender! (Plus, I like to have things a certain way, so this gives me more time to find that!) Deciding on baby names has probably been the hardest bit of it all, and I don’t think we’ve even made our definite choice yet!

natural relaxed maternity photos

Working for Jade Norwood Photography meant there was no way I was getting away with not having maternity photos. At first, I wasn’t phased about getting maternity photos, but I knew that I definitely wanted to have newborn photos. However, now that I think about it, this is a magical time in our lives, the start of our family, my body has shown innate strength and adaptation, our relationship is even stronger, we are truly blessed to be bringing life into this world, and all of these things need to be celebrated. So maternity photos it is!

natural relaxed maternity photos

Being so tall means by baby bump looks smaller – but it feels huge to me as I try to roll over in bed! All pregnancies are different; they make us look different, feel different and act different. But in the end we all want the same thing; a happy healthy baby that we can shower with the love and affection that has been building in the 9 month wait to meet them.  Bring it on.

natural relaxed maternity photos

Note from Jade:
From having the best job in the world I have been lucky enough to meet Beej + Luke and share their engagement and wedding day with them. As time went on Beej then responded to my call out for some help behind the scenes, which I have been truly grateful for and couldn’t be where I am today with out her hard work. I can still remember the day that Beej told me she was pregnant, I was so very happy for them!! But oh no…. I then had to think, oh bugger, this means maternity leave and I will lose Beej for a while… heheh!! 

Im going to miss you so much Beej, thank you for all your hard work and support. You guys are going to be the best parents, wishing you all the very best for the rest of your pregnancy, the birth and wow I can’t wait to meet your little one… xx

Duane Graham Roy Cox sneak peek

Duane Graham Roy Cox sneak peek

A few weeks ago now I met with Amy-lee and Tony for their maternity session. I have been so busy that I wasnt able to get their sneak peek up before their bubs was born… I know.. Bad.. I know…

Just love love love that they brought their dog to the session, they are such a part of the family!

It was so cold that evening and you both did a great job….

After 30 hrs of labour on the 30th October
Duane Graham Roy Cox was welcomed into the world:)

Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play,
That never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start,
Will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold your heart. ~ Unknown

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What to wear on your photo shoot

What to wear on your photo shoot

Thinking of doing a family shoot soon, but nervous about finding coordinating outfits for your family.
Stylists know that the key to group styling is a balance of colors, textures, fabrics, and patterns.
Now you all know that I am the least stylish person around, however I have some tips that
will hopefully help get your session on the right track.
Here are some tips on what works well, and what doesnt work so well!

Some Good ideas: …ok well maybe lots:)
* Nice jeans, and a dressy top
* Be bold, be prepared to give something different a go
* Ladies to spend a little extra time on make up and hair to feel really beautiful
(But I think everyone does this anyway hey?!?),
and bring some along to the session so you can reapply if needed
* Solid colours or simple patterns
* One dressy outfit and one casual outfit, bring a
couple so you can wear a few and have more choice
* Outfits in the same color family or with the same accent color
* Hot little black dress for the ladies!
* Comfortable clothes you can sit, stand and jump in
* Accessories like funky necklaces, bangles, jackets, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc.
* Typically, not something everyone will keep in mind before their session.
However, I encourage clients to think about their home, their decor, colors, and style of their home.
Chances are, at some point after your session, you will be ordering prints or digital files,
why not keep your your decor in mind and ensure that it all blends into your home.
This will ensure that any large portraits will compliment your home.
* These are your images and of course you want them to speak volumes about you and your family.
Discuss things your family enjoys doing together and bring “props” and accessories that will help
compliment who you are.  If your family enjoys playing music together, bring your instruments to your session.
If your family is off the land, let do some of the session in a shearing shed or incorporate
other aspects of the farm. Bring along items that will represent who each individual is and who your family is collectively.

Some Bad ideas:
* Looking to matchy matchy, lets not get cheesy, lets coordinate!
* Caking makeup on or using the wrong tone makeup that makes your
skin look lighter than it is, lets keep it fairly natural
* Bright white shirts (ivory or cream photographs much better)
* Extreme patterns, heaps of writing or horizontal stripes

Things you might want to bring along with you:
* Any props you would like worked into the shoot
* Thongs or slip on shoes (if you plan on wearing heels, just to
give your feet a rest when you are not in the photo)
* An extra hair band or bobby pins incase you decide you want
your hair up or it is  a windy day
* Change of clothes in case one gets dirty or wet or
you just want to change things up

The purpose of a family session is to hopefully capture each individual as they truly are, to capture the family, the relationships,
and people in the photos just as you are. Wear clothing that you feel good in and the pictures will emanate those feelings.
If your child wears a pair of rain boots everywhere he goes, it makes the most sense
to have him wear them for pictures as well. Remember, you want to capture everyone as they are now.
Capture these moments as they are!

The main thing is to be COMFORTABLE and Confident in what you are wearing…
If you feel beautiful you photograph beautifully! I tell everyone that I have a session with, digital images are easy,
if we try something and you dont like it, easy just press delete, but lets try it all and make the most of your session.

Hope this was helpful:)

I have a “What to wear” pinboard on pinterest, take some time and head over to check
out some style boards and inspiration for colour themes. Click on each pin and you can read
more about each one.

Click here to go to my “What to wear” pinboard on pinterest:)

Lisa, Jon & Riley

Lisa, Jon & Riley

The night of Lisa and Jon’s maternity session was absolutely magnificent!
We had more than enough photos, but I couldn’t stop clicking… The
sunset just kept getting better and better… It was pretty
chilly, so thank you so much for being great sports and putting
up with me continuing to shoot while the sunset kept
transforming and you both kept getting colder.. hehehe
Check out the colours in the that sunset!!

And then…. a few weeks later Riley David Mullen was born,
he was such a pro little model for me, and I loved
the props that Lisa brought out to use in the session also:)

Here are a few images they picked as their favourites…