Bergmann family sneak peek

The day of the family shoot was not exactly what you would could perfect
there were big black clouds everywhere and the wind was fairly strong!

I rang Nat early in the afternoon to see if they wanted to go ahead,
and they were keen. So at about 3:30pm I left home and headed out towards
their farm, on the way out I had the windscreen wipers going flat out and
had to slow down as I was having trouble seeing through the rain!
In my head I was thinking, thats fine, rain all you like now, because that
means that when we are ready to shoot, it won’t be raining:)…

We found a spot in the scrub that was mostly sheltered
and started taking photos… And maybe they were able to find out
my secret laughter weapon.. Hehehe Throughout the session
we did have to race to the cars to get out of the rain, however,
if it wasn’t such weather we wouldn’t have had such beautiful
clouds and rainbows (there was a double rainbow)…
There are always pro’s and con’s to every weather situation!
I hope you agree we were able to get the best of both:)
We had so many laughs, just loved it…

 Here is a little sneak peek of their photography session