Family Photographers Adelaide | Tracey and kids

Ok… So I am trying to stay on top of my sneak peeks now….
Lots more to come from the silly season that I have missed
but they will all been shown on the blog at some stage:)

On a very warm day a couple of weeks ago
we battled the millions, and I literally mean millions
of flies, and yes, I may have choked on a couple… lol…
and headed out for family photo session.
Poor kids, they did such a great job, they would shut
their eyes, shew flies and then get ready for me..
They did such an great job!!

The wind picked up a little and then it started to rain…
But we stuck it out and were treated with an awesome
sunset…. We are so lucky arent we…
Thanks for great night.

Enjoy the sneak peek:)

Adelaide boy child beach family photos

Adelaide beach family photos

Adelaide beach family photos