Scobie Snow Family Photos

The lovely Scobie family I met with in New South Wales. We were praying for snow, and there wasnt any, wasnt any, wasnt any, we went higher and higher up the mountain to try and find some snow; just a bit of white… Next minute the falling snow turned into an ice blizzard, this was my first time in snow; and I was like wow; so this is what snow is like… heheh The snow was so full on, inbetween us, my camera was focusing on the actually snow falling, it had no idea the family was even there! We decided there was just no hope and we could actually get stuck up the mountain, so we got back in the cars and start the slow trip back down the hill… It was so much fun, I had a ball! We found a spot about half way down where we could pull off and capture a few photos. You guys and your children were such great sports.. xx