save the date card design

How to design Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards have become very popular for couples who want to give their guests enough notice to save their wedding date in their diary – perhaps because there will be some travel to the wedding destination involved for guests, or just because everyone’s diaries fill so quickly these days! Even if your wedding is close to home or not too far away, save the date cards can be a fun way to get creative, and an excuse to share around your beautiful engagement photos!

You don’t need to be a graphic designing genius to have beautiful and creative save the date cards. Use your engagement shoot as an opportunity to get the best photo, have it printed postcard style, address, stamp and send, and you have a cheap but awesome looking save the date card!

Get creative with how you present the date – on chalkboard signs, writing in the sand, using props for numbers or even yourselves! If you’ve got the connections, using big signs like football scoreboards or cinemas to spell out your wedding date can make your save the date cards really personal – especially if those locations mean something special to you.

If you’d rather just use a collage of your engagement shoot pictures and use editing software to overlay text, you can do that too! A lot of the time, save the date card designs can be included or added to your engagement photography packages.

When DIY save the date cards are this easy, you don’t spend heaps of time fiddling with crafts, nor do you need to spend a stack of money to make a big impression. Book your wedding or engagement photography with Jade today, and start planning your save the date cards!

save the date photossave the date photossave the date photossave the date photos

Then again if your someone that has little time but has the money, getting a designer like ‘One Of a Kind designs’ to create something like below can be awesome as well.

save the date card design