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Including your children in your wedding

I think I have just seen one of my favourite episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta’. It wasn’t because a woman had an ‘I’ve-transformed-from-ugly-duckling-to-swan-princess’ moment. There were no tears because they gave an unwell girl a free wedding dress when they connected with her story. Instead it was a fantastic mixed family searching the racks for mum’s wedding dress that had me giggling and feeling the warm and fuzzies.

It got me thinking – when you’ve already begun your life story together with beautiful children, or perhaps are brining two families together when you get married, how can you involve the kids in your wedding day?

Some children are too young to even realise the importance of the day or to play a big role, but look ridiculously cute in a beautiful flowergirl or pageboy outfit – what better way to include your children than to have them in your bridal party.

A beautiful moment between mum, dad and child is blended vows, when mum and dad make their lifetime promise to their child, and vice versa. Bound to bring tears to the eyes of all at your wedding ceremony.

As you exchange your wedding rings, why not present your children with their own wedding jewellery along with your lifelong promise – an engraved pendant or watch, or even a ‘family medallion’ for all family members.

Instead of following tradition and having your father walk you down the aisle, have your kids meet you half way down the walk, so they too can escort the beautiful bride down the aisle to the groom.

Some other ideas include:
–               Family sand ceremony or candle ceremony.
–               A family head table instead of bridal table
–               Change wording on your invitations to include the kids
–               Special dances  – following the first dance, share a moment with the children – have them help pick the song too!
–               A family bridal cake topper.

No matter how you do it and no matter the age, when you’ve included the most important people in your wedding day – your kids –it is a moment both you and they will cherish forever.

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