Merry Christmas & Thank you…

It feels unbelievable that this year is coming to an end, and yet it is – 2014 is rolling around and I have so much to be thankful for in 2013.

I feel blessed every single day that I wake up and get to do a job that I love.  I feel so lucky to meet new and wonderful people, revisit families and seeing them grow – as well as providing them with memories that will last forever in their photographs. I wish each and every one of them a Very Merry Christmas, and a wonderfully happy 2014.


Chelsea – nearly 8 months old

Speaking of 2014 – I am already looking forward to it with great anticipation, the brides and grooms whose weddings are approaching, the due dates of babies I have in my calendar – including those of wedding clients past! I cherish the times I get to be a part of these truly happy moments in people’s lives, let alone being the one honoured enough to capture them in my photography!

This year has thrown me some curve balls both personally and professionally. Families I have worked with in the past have lost those closest to them, and these losses have rocked our communities. I rest a little easier knowing that I was able to give the gift of cherished photographs to these families and others when life has thrown them a tragic circumstance. When I am given that honest and grateful thanks afterwards by those who have been heartbroken, it really does bring a tear to my eye that they can still find strength in what I’ve given them and I am so humbled by this.

I am also humbled by those that stick with Jade Norwood Photography – loyalty is the foundation of any small business and we find it tougher in that big bad world, so the fact that people stick by me and keep coming back again and again is an honour. Each time people choose me to take photographs of their families, their newborns, their weddings or their friends, my aim is to do better each time I have that camera in my hands. Ok will never be good enough for me!

It’s those same people that refer their friends, workmates and family to me also – without their testament to my work I may have got left behind in the crowd of photographers to choose from! So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my business with such a compliment of a referral, and I take this chance to remind you that I do have a referral program now up and running – the more people you successfully refer, the more that’s in it for you!

Kids Christmas photos

Lacey and Chelsea wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.. xx

With so many shoots on the go, it becomes difficult to showcase them all to the wonderful people (you!) that keep coming back and visiting my blog or my facebook page.  Sometimes this is because people don’t want their pictures on the blog, and other times it is just because of where we are at in the schedule of what we have planned – so if you haven’t seen someone or yourself on the blog, don’t despair, their time will come! Keep your eyes open for our features in magazines, websites and newspapers too – we are always trying to share the beautiful people of Jade Norwood Photography with the world

But back to our own little world, and enjoying it for ourselves. My biggest piece of advice to myself, and to those around me coming out of 2013 with a few extra scars, is to switch off the technology, get away from work for a while, leave the dusting until tomorrow, because today is what you have, and today is what you should be spending with those that you love. It isn’t until something is taken away from us that we realise how truly lucky and loved we are, so as the year ticks over to 2014, sit back and take a moment to be thankful for everything you have – and show people how grateful you are! Pledge to no longer take things for granted when it can all be taken so suddenly. Take lots of photographs because you won’t realise it at the time, but each moment is a memory you want to keep. Have a laugh at your own expense, wear those heels you were saving for a special occasion, buy that more expensive fancy icecream and sit back and enjoy it.

In 2014 – make each of your moments count by bringing joy to your life in anyway you can. I look forward to capturing some of that joy. Merry Christmas.


Lacey telling Chelsea a great story…