Living the Dream!

What a day I had yesterday…

I couldn’t help but share it with you!

It was like christmas with things arriving in the mail,
I had an awesome maternity session with a really lovely couple,
and the sunset was just beautiful, to top it all off!
(The image you see on my two displays is a picture from yesterday’s session)

In the mail came my 27″ iMac and the ICE light
I can’t wait to put them to their maximum use!

Above is a little iPhone snap of my current work space
with the ICE light aka the light saber near the key board!

I am really hoping the iMac will slice the time it takes me to edit,
and the light saber will create more dynamic images!

A quote that means a lot to me!

I really am living the dream!

A sincere thank you to all of the beautiful people that
allow me to capture moments in their lives
which enables me to live out my dream…
You will never know how special each and everyone of you are to me:)

A big THANK YOU to you!

Enjoy your day:)