Modern Beauty Fashion Glamour

About six weeks ago I approached Shelley about an idea I had for this modern beauty glamour shoot, she kindly replied and said, yeah for sure
mate I will do the hair for you… And I was like ummm no, sorry I wasnt clear, I want you to be my model.
After some convincing she agreed, so a BIG thank you to Shelley for helping me out,
I think you will agree she rocked it out in complete hotness!

This session came about because I have been asked lots of times about offering glamour shots, but at times when I have
been asked I dont feel like we are on the same page about what the end result will look like,
and I have been very pressed for time to create an example.

Before I took on any jobs, I wanted to first showcase what I love and my style of modern fashion glamour.
I want my images to look like they could be off the cover of a magazine and most importantly I want
the subject to feel beautiful. I love using natural light and reflecting it to get that beautiful pop in the eyes.
I believe make up should be soft and natural, and hair styled, perhaps soft curls if your hair allows it.
Having a hair stylist and makeup artist on set really do add that little bit extra to make a lot of difference.

Whether a session like this is something you want for yourself to keep privately, or as a present for your partner,
or for a celebration of this time in your life, it is such an awesome memento to have.

Please note, that not all photography sessions I have are posted to the blog,
it is something we discuss at your session, and if we do decide to go ahead and share the
images then you will always approve the images before they are posted.

I had such a great day yesterday, thank you also to Alicia for styling,
reflector holding and hanging out with us for the afternoon…
thank you once again Shelley!

If you are interested in a session like this please contact me via email

I seriously found it way too hard to choose what images I was going to share for a sneak peek, so here are a few…
More will pop up over the next month or so when I chat more about these sessions.