New usb’s

So I love new gadgets and toys, I’m always looking for something new to really enhance the client experience. I am so aware that technology especially has a limited life with its constant evolution leaving old technology in the dust (remember floppy disks?!) which is why I wholeheartedly advocate for prints, canvases and most importantly, albums, so you can be sure you’ve forever got a copy of your beautiful photos. But when the technology is at hand, well, I like to go all out!

The newest update to client packages are these super cool, super slim USBs, which look more like Jade Norwood Photography Credit Cards (sorry, you’re not getting your hands on my actual cards!). You can literally fit it in your wallet, so you can carry it around to share with friends or just to the local printers to get your wedding photos printed ASAP! You simply flip out the attachment piece (the small rectangle) and plug it into the computer. Flip it back in to protect the connection and your precious photos, and you’re done.
I seriously love the way they look, so sleek, slim and sexy! Who know’s what I will find next!