real fake flowers bridal bouquet

Real vs Fake…flowers

It might seem cliché that all girls love to receive a bunch of flowers, but the truth is, a lot of us do! There is something special about the gift of fresh blooms, whether it is the message that comes with it, the way it makes our house look and smell, or the fact that someone spent a bit of money on something they know won’t last very long, but they did it because you would love it.

The thing is, with all of the other expenses, fresh flowers might not be in the budget for your wedding day – particularly if you have a lot of bridal party members to buy for. So let’s have a look at both of the options.

Real flowers – there’s nothing quite like the excitement of them, and how beautiful they truly are. Some problems you can come up against when using fresh flowers for your wedding are not only budget constraints, but also availability of the flowers you have your eye on according to the season and also wilting of your bouquet on particularly hot days.

That’s where the pro’s of silk flowers come in – not only can you get whatever flower you want (in an unusual colour as well!) but they aren’t going to wilt, ensuring they are kept in mint condition all day.

Both real and silk bridal bouquets can be accentuated with knick knacks, crystals and ribbon that makes the bunch uniquely yours, there are no restrictions there.  If you’re prone to severe hay fever – well silk becomes the obvious choice.

However – don’t think that silk flowers are the cheaper option. You will want to get quotes on both to really ‘compare apples with apples’ rather than just making an assumption going in the completely wrong direction.

Consider how and when you can actually pick up your chosen bouquets – and if flowers are being used to decorate your wedding venues, who will deliver and arrange those?

Don’t just think that real flowers are only for the day of your wedding and have no use afterwards. The tradition of drying flowers isn’t so old fashioned anymore. There are preservation options as gorgeous as “Everlasting Bouquets” who frame your wedding flowers. You can go down the homemade route by drying your flowers and choosing particular blooms for your own display like I’ve done here with a mixture of bouquets and button holes.


My gorgeous bouquet on my wedding day…

bride real flowers wedding bouquet

You don’t even have to go with a traditional bouquet – how about these for your bridal party

real fake flowers bridal bouquet

real fake flowers bridal bouquet

or how about a gorgeous vintage brooch bouquet?


these are by Fantasy Floral Designs

If decide you want the real deal but your budget only covers wedding flowers for yourself and your bridal party, you can still decorate your venue with matching silk flowers which later on make great memento gifts for those involved in your wedding. The opportunities are endless – just check out pinterest or etsy!