RM Williams Saddle | Adelaide baby pictures

Did you think it had been too long since I had posted a photo of baby Lacey… Well you have been guessing right!! I have taken ALOT.. lol… So it isnt for a lack of photos..  Just waiting for christmas orders to be out the way then I will work on some more newborn images to show…

I couldnt wait any longer to share this one with you all though… I just love it!!
This is Lacey in my Dads RM Williams Saddle..
I did ask Dad to help me with this set up.. He stood there for about 2 mins while I tried to get Lacey to sleep… My first attempt at putting her on the saddle she woke up and cried.. So I went back to work to get her to sleep, mean while Dad went out side to have a smoke… I think it was a bit to stressful for him… Then second attempt she woke again and cried.. And Dad said… ummmm I dont think she wants to, I dont think she likes it… So just dont do it… (hehehehe….) But for anyones who knows me, knows that I have alot of patience, so I asked Alana to help and we got it!!