This is for the guys | Surprise engagement session

Fellas; Popping the Question? Let’s Step It Up. Book an engagement shoot to capture that special moment!

No matter how much planning you do or don’t put into the ‘Big Question’, it’s going to go by in a blur of hummingbird heartbeats, sweaty palms, stumbled sentences, and the second greatest kiss of your life (beaten only by the ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ kiss!). Your wife-to-be is going be asked the inevitable question in the days and weeks following, then again in the years after your marriage, ‘so, give me the nitty gritty; how did he propose?’

Want to make the big moment such a surprise and unforgettable? Capture it by booking a surprise engagement session with a twist! Convince the love of your life that you’re just having a nice photo-shoot…that is until you drop to one knee to blurt out the most important four word sentence of your relationship, as tears well in her beautiful eyes and Jade’s camera goes click, click, click to record the magic for eternity.

Afterwards, not only do you have an album to look back on to remember the moment you took that next step, but your family and friends can turn the same pages and feel as though they were a part of it too.

And you, well you’ve created an engagement that most definitely can’t be forgotten, done something original, and made your girl feel super special…that should definitely get you out of doing the dishes at some point in your marriage!


And because every post needs beautiful pictures… This is an engagement session I haven’t had the chance to share yet.. Somma and Josh’s wedding in Tumby Bay next April is going to be sooo gorgeous, Somma you are going to be the most stunning bride!


Love love love.. Gorgeous!