Things I LOVE.. A personal post

For some of you who dont know me that well, I thought I would share some things I LOVE… So this is a bit more of a personal post, than sharing my photography with you…
I love animals… Dogs and horses especially…
We love dogs that much, we missed there company when we were travelling around that we got Rayn.. She is so smart & loveable… You cant beat their unconditional love!!
I love photography… I think that is pretty Obvious
I love the beach..
I love Criminal Minds (the TV show… When are they bringing it back)
mmmm would love Derek Morgan to fly in and rescue me.. hehehe

I love laughing….

I love fun, happy, honest people…
I love catching up with friends… (this doesnt seem to happen enough, I need to get more spare time in my diary!!)
I love the colour aqua/turquoise!!
I love the Allens Retro Party mix… Aren’t Cars the best lollies…
I love music… I pretty much listen to anything and everything!
I love watching the Australia Netball Diamonds..
I love APPLE technology..
I love nikon Camera gear..
I love fashion magazines for inspiration…
And of course chocolate.. What girl doesnt love chocolate!
I love RM Williams, clothes, logo, leather stuff.. Its all GOOD…