What can mentoring do for you?

Starting your own business is not a decision that is made lightly. Even once you’ve established your business, amongst all the wonderful days, beautiful moments you’ve photographed and the messages of gratitude you’ve received, there are still moments in the dark of night when you’re holding back the tears filled with fear about whether you can keep doing it or not.

Whether it’s your finances, energy, workload or lack thereof bringing you down, it doesn’t have to force you to quit. Business coaching can help you to turn around those problems, reach the goals you didn’t think were possible, pre-empt problems and give you the skills to find the solutions. Empower yourself, and you’ll add power to your business.

I get it – I’ve been there. I’ve sat at the computer for hours and hours, editing photos, getting very little sleep, and totally under-selling my skills and work in an effort to please and secure customers. I was having to turn down catch-ups with friends, time with my family, and that all important mental break for myself because I was working…too hard…for too little return. In the end, it wasn’t just me that suffered. I couldn’t give my all to my clients, just like I couldn’t give all to the important people in my life, and seemingly for nothing. The passion can disappear pretty quickly when you get to that point. The biggest turning point for me is when friends no longer invite you to things because they know you will be working.

But I didn’t give up, and I used coaching techniques to completely makeover my photography business, and in turn, my life! And now, through my training and experience, I can do the same for you! Turn what might now be a hobby making very little money, into a six figure business, all the while reducing your working hours. Making more money and working less might sound crazy, but it is possible!

What are your priorities? Making a living to enjoy life? Indulging a passion through your business? Having a solid two days off a week? Growing your business? Being more efficient? Finding your style? Finding and taking new opportunities? Maybe you can’t even recognise your priorities, let alone getting them in order – that’s when you definitely need a coach on your team!

I don’t want to see people suffer in small business; I want to see them thrive. I want other photographers to bypass the lows that can be experienced, and know how to work towards the highs. You don’t have to figure it out blindly on your own – employing a coach isn’t throwing money away, it is investing in the success of your business. I can tell you THAT from experience!

I currently mentor a few different types of photographers. Some who are hobbyists wanting to learn more about camera techniques and editing, others that are newbies in business and just starting out, and those that have been in business for a few years but are struggling to get bookings or that want to get their life back! And to tell you I love my job is an understatement!!

When I get emails from clients between our calls so excited to tell me they have got bookings, biggest sale so far or that they just finished editing a family session in record time… it really does make my heart swell!!

If you ever want to ask me a question email me at jade@jadenorwood.com