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Winter Weddings

Typically, the wedding season begins in late September and finishes in early April, taking place in the warmer months and longer days. There is no denying that this is a spectacular time to get married as it is the time of year that everyone is in the mood for a party, the bright blue sky makes a beautiful backdrop for your day, and your sun kissed skin gives you the confidence you need to walk down the aisle with everyone’s eyes on you only.

But there is something just as beautiful about winter weddings. While some brides might quiver at the sight of forming storm clouds, a photographer jumps with glee. A dramatic stormy sky creates the ultimate wow wedding photo. A breeze that playfully flips a brides veil in the wind is something that can’t be replicated in a studio with a fan. An early setting sun gives more time for sunset shots before a reception (instead of during) and on a stormy or cloudy day, can throw the most beautiful colours for a glorious backdrop to create the best wedding photos.

Wedding florists love the selections available in winter, wedding coordinators are itching to create a winter wedding and your favourite hairdresser or make up artist is bound to be able to give you their full attention and excitement for your big day (during wedding season they see so many weddings!). A winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sleeveless dress, bright bridesmaid colours, or an outdoor wedding. An injection of colour not only brightens the surrounds, but your guests and the mood. If your wedding is outside – be creative, find some shelter, or heating options (outdoor wedding lighting makes for the best wedding photos!). And while the blokes are no doubt pleased that they can wear a full suit to a wedding without sweating up a storm, it doesn’t mean you have to cover the beautiful detail of your dress with something warm (though a bolero might be your style) – again, be creative with your surrounds and your outfit to ensure you are comfortable and as beautiful as you imagined. Double bonus – you won’t get sunburnt or sweat off your makeup!

Winter weddings have the potential to create the best wedding photos that are truly one of a kind – that is, if you get the best wedding photographer on your side too! I have little doubt that Jade Norwood is ready and waiting for her winter wedding call up.

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