Abby and Powder….

Yesterday I had my first half day off for a long while… 
I have been so busy with getting orders ready for christmas that I havent been able to take time off. 
I have to say I just LOVE my job and I am so thankful & lucky that I have had so much work since we returned home in June.
THANK YOU to everyone who has had a session with me..
As you would have seen with my blog post yesterday, I have a new bag.. Woop woop… So that means I will be taking my camera with me everywhere!
I used to leave my camera home unless I had a session.. Not any more….
So anyway.. Getting back to my story…
I went to visit a good mate and her cutest kids yesterday…
We were chatting in the kitchen (who me talking.. never.. hehehe) and it had been quiet for longer than normal… So Alex went to check on Abby, she came out and said.. Check this out… In the room I went and this is what I seen..
Opps…. hehehe
I think she was trying to rub it in like moisturiser…
So in the bath she went….
Oh Abby, you are too darn CUTE!!
(Some of you may notice Abby from her picture standing on the bed in the old house… 🙂  )

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  1. Very cute! Good to hear you will taking your camera with you everywhere now. I look forward to seeing more impromptu pics 😀

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