Newborn Photos | Quick Chelsea update

I can’t believe how the time has just flown by, it feels like only a few days ago I took Chelsea’s first newborn photos in the delivery room, today she is 4 weeks old! Its really amazing how much she has grown; I had been away for a few days, and when I came home I couldnt believe how much bigger she was and her features had changed so slightly yet so much! I am so lucky that I get to capture all her changes.

As soon as I got home after Chelsea was born, I was searching the internet for props, rugs, head bands… all things newborn so that she would have something new, something unique, and something I loved! I seen something similar to the hammock below in the US but there was no way it would get here in time and of course I wanted everything.. yesterday…. A big thank you to Dad for helping me make this and also thank you to Alex, Kye, Abby and Indy for helping me find the snotty gobble:)

Of course I am biases but Lacey and Chelsea are just too cute… and Lacey is at a super cute funny age… the things she comes out with, her facial expressions everything… CUTE.. the next personal blog post of my nieces will include both of them and I cant wait to share ALL of Chelsea’s photos:)


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