Australia is their must do destination to say ‘I Do’

I love when someone approaches me for the use of my photographs – it means not only do they appreciate my work (what a compliment) but that my work is reaching a wider audience than just my family, immediate friends, clients and followers…hehehe.

In this instance, I was approached by people at the ABC Australia Plus team about a wedding I did in 2013 – my first Chinese wedding of the super lovely Anna and Peter. The article which they published talked about destination weddings – we Aussies love to think of destination wedding locations as Fiji, Bali, Thailand….or my ultimate (and where I would love to be invited to photograph a wedding) the Maldives. But for overseas couples, and particularly Chinese couples, Australia is their must do destination to say ‘I Do’.

And why wouldn’t it be; in Australia we are blessed with stunning landscapes, from rocky mountains, bright green rain forests, azure oceans, wineries dotted everywhere, and beautiful Churches (Adelaide is after all the city of churches!). Popular destinations were listed as the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles (which I am hoping to see later this year), the Lavender fields in Tasmania, Sydney, of course with the Harbour Bridge in the background, and the brilliant Uluru. I don’t think anything screams ‘Australia’ as much as the iconic landmark of Uluru – and what a significant backdrop it would make in your wedding photos!

I’m so pleased that the spotlight was put on Australia as a wedding destination, we are a multicultural society with beautiful people, gorgeous locations for holding weddings, and you can stay around for the honeymoon of a lifetime (climbing the Harbour Bridge and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef appeal to anyone else!?). Well done to the ABC Australia Plus team for putting this together, and I hope to be invited to many more (local) destination weddings, and hopefully one day, that dream destination wedding in the Maldives.. Im so getting my passport this year.. hahaha!