Tracey and boys…

Early December I met up with the lovely Meeke family for a photography shoot on the beach.

I spoke to Tracey earlier that day to chat about the weather, we decided to go for it anyway!
Tracey mentioned something about having a couch on the beach, I was excited.
When I arrived at her house to find a red couch loaded up in the back of the crewman, I was very excited.

We went to my favourite trusty spot just around the corner from her house, and then we headed to the beach!

The boys were a heap of fun and had me laughing alot…

The lounge was definitely worth the carrying.

We were hoping for some sun to pop through and get those really rich golden tones which appear at that time of day, it wasnt to be. But you know what!
I think it works so well for this image with the blue overcast sky in the background, makes the overall image so much brighter and colourful.
I think someone was watching over us for sure…

Thanks for a great session guys.