Top 3 Highlights for 2011

As I have been setting goals and working towards launching a new pricing guide for 2012 I have been thinking back over 2011,
wow 2011 went so fast and so much happened.. Good and Bad.. I will just highlight the good for now!

Most photographers do a year in review at the start of January (to be a little different, I am going to do mine at the end of January,
so stay tuned for that!), however as I have been thinking back over 2011 and all that has happened I thought I would share my top 3 highlights,
both personally and photography wise!

Photography Highlights

3. Being named in the Top 7 finalists for Photobook of the year with my album for Alana and Brett’s Wedding

These are a few spreads from the album

2. Being a photographer at the Australian Netball Diamonds match in Adelaide when they played New Zealand

(Oh yes and they WON!!)

1. Being lucky enough to do something that I love full time.

I am so thankful to all of my clients that believe in me to capture precious moments in their lives, with out them I wouldnt have a business!

Personal Highlights..

3. Travelling for 3 months

And spending alot of time with a great friend Verdell in Geraldton

Verdell and her lovely family

Verdell and Scarlett

The Williams Family

The famous Blue Boat House in Perth

Perth City at night

2. Named Western Australian Photographer Of The Year

(While I know that this is related to photography, I have included this as a personal highlight, because I LOVE photography so much it feels like a
personal achievement as a reward for all of the hard work I have put in to improving, rather than being related to business… If that makes sense)
This is one of the three final images that won me the award

1. Becoming an Aunty for the first time, what a beautiful gift, a niece, Lacey Gemma Collins

stay with me here.. I am trying to get myself ok with snaps…

ahhhhh Feel much better about showing this one!!

Stay tuned for my year in review at the end of January!