Closing Times

It’s festive time!! Well its after the Christmas pageant right!! I love this time of year and its the time of year when we really make an effort to spend time with those we love, be it friends, family, partners, animals – whatever! Oh and the weather is good for it too.

Just an early heads up to say that the Jade Norwood Office will be closed from 13th of December to the 8th of February. This means that there will be no shooting, no editing, or putting albums together. Phew! I can’t believe I have said that – and others won’t either knowing the workaholic that I can be, but I am getting my priorities a bit more shifted these days and I am so excited to be taking the time to spend with friends, family and of course Lacey and Chelsea, go to the Australian Open, and just enjoy some time not tied to my computer while everyone else parties on for a change…

So I hope you make the time to do the same, reflect on the year that was, get excited about the year that is to be, and feel general gratitude for life in general.