Mentorship with Jade Norwood

Not a lot of photographers have coaches/mentors, and a lot of people in Australia don’t seem to know what a professional mentor even is, and many struggle with the fact of having one. But at this stage of my life and business, when I am talking to people and they don’t have a coach, I’m thinking….’Well why the hell not?!’. If only I knew 6 years ago what I know now. I would have invested in a mentor and saved a lot of the heart ache, tears, frustrations and slow learning!!

We rely on coaches in sports like AFL, Olympic events – even your kids little athletics, to help you get to your peak. Some of these coaches haven’t even played at an elite level – take Lisa Alexandar who is the Aussie Diamonds netball coach. It’s not just her netball skills that got her to that position, but also her coaching skills. When it comes to photography business mentorship with me, it is about getting coached by someone who has started from scratch, and now has a successful six-figure business, and has the skills to take you there too.

The art of coaching has been defined as this by the Divine Living International Coaching Program For Women: “An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.” Sounds pretty great huh? It’s about getting asked all the right questions to empower yourself, finding your own personal solutions and becoming a driver of your own success. I am very client centred and I believe the answers are within my clients, I do go back and forth between modalities of teaching, guiding, advising, but most of all I ask a lot of questions because I really believe the answers are within my clients and that really trumps anything else.

I am offering 1:1 Coaching for photographers who are looking to create their first $5k-$10k months, wanting a six-figure business and the lifestyle they dream of. I work with photographers who are either just beginning their business, or who have been running their business in the photography industry for some time, but want to take it to the next level of success and sustainability.

Do you feel like you can’t make enough money, that you’re always sitting behind the computer editing or communicating, and missing out on life happening around you, and you just never seem to get on top of everything you need to do? Do you wish you could again feel in love with being committed to your business? Wouldn’t you like to be making a great living out of your business, but still be able to have more quality time with your family/partner/friends – or simply doing the things you want to because you now have the time and money to do so?

We can work together to make that happen for you.

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