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Coffee, Calamari, Friends, Hot Chocolate…

Being a wedding photographer in Adelaide, I get to go to a lot of nice cafes to meet clients face to face (when somehow the stars align, and I’m in their area at the right time, not on the other side of the state!). For the coffee lovers of Adelaide, this would be ideal – I get to test out the best and write off the worst café’s in search of Adelaide’s best coffee. There’s just one thing…

I don’t like coffee.

That would come as a shock to the people who know how late I can stay up working sometimes. I’m certainly a night owl, and during the wedding season probably survive on the same amount of sleep as parents of a newborn. But my dislike of coffee and tea clearly isn’t what helps keep me up. It’s music, and tv shows, and replays of the netball. I am obsessed with Friends and Criminal minds also gets a rerun here and there. With their help, the time between 7-9 at night is definitely my most productive time period. Keep an eye on my Facebook page, because I often make shout outs for music, movie or tv series inspiration!

So what else don’t you know about me? Well, I also don’t like the taste of beer and wine…so you know that I’m not going to be dipping into your bar tab at the wedding reception… However, if you’re serving calamari, or even Camembert Cheese and Fig Paste, I definitely wouldn’t mind if you set some aside for me.

My love of calamari probably comes from living on the west coast, where seafood is a staple and part of the reputation of the Eyre Peninsula. I will never call any other place home; Denial Bay is where my heart belongs despite all of the travel I do. Speaking of travel – I’ve managed to get to every state in Australia except Tasmania, but despite all of my dreaming about overseas adventures and possible destination weddings, I still don’t have my passport! (Thinking that someone give me the excuse to get one!)

There’s probably a lot about myself that I haven’t managed to reveal on my Facebook and website – not through lack of wanting to, but because of the wedding and photography focus – and a to do list that is rewritten every day and is never actually achievable.

So in the words of Julie Andrews’, I’m going to start doing a few blogs around ‘getting to knowwwwww youuuuu, getting to know, all, about youuuuuuu’ (except you’ll be getting to know more about me!). I think part of choosing your ideal wedding photographer is more than just their style and prices, it’s about their personality and whether you will fit together, so it is only fair that I give you every chance to learn my personality…..

….and that when we can organise a meeting, I’ll be looking for the café with the best hot chocolate.

Because every blog post needs a photo, love love this one of Kym and Emily, can’t wait to share their wedding on the blog.

wedding photographer adelaide