Wedding destination locations

2016 Wedding locations

I may have decided to cut back on photographing weddings in the future (well, at least not 30+ like I have been!) but it doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about wedding locations for 2016 in Adelaide and beyond South Australia.

For local weddings, I do love winery weddings, or weddings held on private properties where everything is in one location (think back to the Waverley Estate weddings I’ve been lucky enough to photograph). It gives us a lot of opportunity for photographs, not only for time, but also usually with an array of back drops, and you don’t have to worry about travel time! This means you can have a later wedding ceremony or just get back to your guests sooner – and have an extra 10 minutes together to soak in the fact you’re husband and wife!

I’ve learnt in the past that putting something out into the universe can often bring it to you – so here’s my wedding location wish list for 2016 (or whenever!)

New Zealand – it’s just over the ditch so just a quick flight away, but I have heard so much about this beautiful place that it’s hard not to want to photograph a wedding there! The bonus of it being closer is that it isn’t so much of an ask of your guests to get there and they can enjoy a family holiday while they’re at it!

The Maldives would just be the ULTIMATE destination wedding to be a part of and it doesn’t take much of a Google search to find the best wedding resorts in the Maldives. You can plan it all from home knowing it is going to be gorgeous, but make sure you bring your photographer with you – that’s something you don’t want to risk on the hotel’s choice! Bonus – stay longer for your honeymoon!

Speaking of honeymoon; my last bride and groom of the year – Kirsty and Kyle – went to Bora Bora for their honeymoon…which got me thinking (and jealous). Maybe one day I could be the wedding photographer for someone’s destination wedding at Bora Bora, amongst the resorts and private villas on stilts out on the water. Sigh…what a dream!

I’d love to travel to California for a training course so if you happen to know anyone headed to host their wedding in California, make sure they hit me up for their photography!

Canada is on my wish list too, I hope to go there for holidays soon, (ok maybe like 2018 – when weddings book so far in advance and that I already have a bucket load for 2017, I think 2018 will be Canada YEAR) but it would be awesome to document a wedding there… The Rookies… could you imagine!!

Ohhhhh and castles in England… what an awesome story to tell your children that you were married in a castle, and photos eeeekkkkkk AMAZE

If money was no object, and long haul plane flights not so painful, where would your ultimate wedding destination be?

Wedding destination locations