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Picking your First Dance Wedding song

It’s a big moment on the day that you get married – your first dance as husband and wife. Steeped in history, it’s the one tradition that remains amongst the wedding celebrations, but is adapted to suit the couple and their wedding day. Some funk up their first dance moment with custom dance routines involving their whole bridal party, some with dance lessons for a tango for two, and for others (we rhythmically challenged folk) it’s just the moment that we simply sway around the dance floor as newlyweds, lost in each other’s eyes.

So how can you choose your first dance wedding song when your tastes have changed so much already over the years, and there are LOADS of songs to choose from that hold some meaning to you?

There are some factors to think about;
* When you look back, will the song still be enjoyable, or is it just a ‘love of the now’ song (neither of these is a wrong choice but it’s about what you want it to be when you look back!)
* The length of the song – if you’re dancing just the two of you, for the whole song, alone… it too long?
* Is it too slow/too fast?
* Are there any ‘dodgy’ lyrics in it…you know..for dancing too in front of Grandma?
* Do you want the song to mean something to you, or just be a song that you ‘like’?

Finding the balance between cute and cringy can be difficult – but in the end it’s really only the two of you that have to love the song, find meaning behind it, and enjoy dancing to it. Whether it is top 40, or a pick of the classics, it might take you some time to find something you both agree on.

Before we had even gotten engaged, I (Beej) had a song on my iPod playlist that we’d listen to each night to fall asleep. One day Luke said ‘this will be the first song we dance to’ as we listened to the tune. It was “Amazing” by Cassie Davis we stuck to our word, and while I still love it, it might have been a bit long to wait for our bridal party to meet us on the dancefloor! I also now love Ed Sherran’s ‘Tenerife Sea’ and of course ‘Thinking Out Loud’ which would have to be a popular choice for those getting married now!



We asked our friends over at Facebook for their first wedding dance song inspiration at Jade Norwood – and here’s what they had to say – as you can see Ed Sherran is definitely a popular first dance choice!

This Years Love by David Gray. Was listening to it one day on my computer and husband said he loved that song too. Decided it would be our first dance song. Morgan Wallis
Our first dance song was “You are the best thing” by Ray Lamontagne. We just both loved it and thought it was absolutely perfect for our first dance! Elise Watherston
You’re my best friend by Queen….hubby is a Queen fanatic! Kirsty McFarlane
I knew I loved You by Savage Garden. No real reason. Tiana Mullan
We’re both big Triple J music fans and both instantly agreed on Given the Chance by Kite String Tangle. ** you give each other that look when you hear it and you just know that that’s the song! ** Roanne Scholz
Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi, hubby picked it out. Amanda Camilleri
Al Green – Lets statr together! Heard it watching pulp fiction and loved the words. Kylie Poznik
Jason mraz – I won’t give up. Hayley Wembridge
Kiss me – Ed Sheeran, funnily enough saw it on a tv show (Greys Anatomy) together and both wanted it involved in our wedding!! Bec Tunn
Kiss me by Ed Sheeran. I heard it on the radio one day and knew it depicted us perfectly. Tamara Maple
Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran we both love the song. Amy Bone
Miles Away by Years around the sun, because (just like the Carona add) it reminds us of all our favourite things; the beach, travelling and enjoying a beer at sunset. Elise Shakes
At Last- Etta James Steven Byrnes
Lady Antebellum – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. We both loved it and it suited our soft vintage styles wedding. Jodi Frost

first dance songs