family photo album

Family Albums – So Important

Your Family Album; more than just a brag book.

Each year you dress in your best for the annual family photos, share a few with the grandparents, add a copy to the obligatory Christmas catch up letter, and hang your favourite snap on the lounge room wall where it stays until it is replaced with the following years photo (and you laugh because this year it’s Jimmy who has missing front teeth).

But why only display the photo of your family as it looks now? Do your family photos justice with a quality printed album. There is so much value in a family album but it seems to have been lost over the years as technology has evolved.  Recreate the magic of flipping through old photos with the kids, or get yourself a ‘brag book’ of photos to have visitors flip through and coo over how much Annie has grown. No matter what you call it, your printed family album is a physical copy of your pride and adoration that screams ‘that’s my family, and they are my everything.’

Your photographer will already know the best companies to print with to ensure you get the best quality heirloom possible. Quality doesn’t mean expensive. Quality means it looks and feels good, not just now, but forever. Years down the road your photos will still look as good as new even if the characters within them will be a little more seasoned.

So make the investment in a lifetime of memories, kept neatly on your bookcase ready to pull out and reminisce over at a moments notice. Or at the very least, when Jimmy brings home his first girlfriend, you have a decade worth of photos to embarrass him with.

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