Adelaide wedding photographer

Mary – Associate photographer

The Jade Norwood Photography family is ever evolving and growing.  Today, and with great pleasure I would love to officially introduce the newest member and my associate photographer – Mary.

Mary has been working alongside of me as my second shooter in weddings for a little while now, and more recently decided to shoot weddings for Jade Norwood Photography.  For those tricky dates where I am already booked it is great knowing with confidence that Mary will be able to meet the demand and shoot weddings around Adelaide in my absence. 

Mary has over a decade of photography experience and has been a wedding photographer since 2006 where she was the principle photographer of her own photography business.  Since that time she has had two adorable young boys who needed their mama but who are now old enough to allow her to get right back into her other love, photography. 

So how will it all work???  Well, If you are interested in Jade Norwood Photography for your wedding day and unfortunately I am booked, you have the option of booking an associate – Mary.  You still contact me directly from the beginning where I will communicate with you from booking right through until you get your final package, and Mary will be there to shoot the actual day. 

But enough about how it is going to work, I want you to meet Mary!

Aside from photography, Mary has 3 other great loves, her husband and her 2 baby boys aged three and a half and one. She is happiest when surrounded by her boys, but put a camera in her hand at the same time and the happiness factor doubles! This is because Mary believes in the value of photography; “I love the idea of having a visual story for my kids of our how happy our family life is, to add to their memorie.” and “It is such a privilege to play a small part of people’s weddings days to add to their stories”.

She has been lucky to see many beautiful parts of the world, having travelled extensively through Europe and spending some time in Asia.  “I just love to travel and cannot wait to explore more of this beautiful world”.

With her obvious passion for life and skills in photography it is always fun to work with Mary, and I know that my brides are in very capable hands of hers when I can’t offer my own. I am proud to say she is part of the Jade Norwood Photography team, and look forward to the extra magic she is going to bring to our team.

Adelaide wedding photographer

Image taken by Sandy at Memory Bank Photography