First Birthday | Lacey Turns 1

Today is Lacey’s 1st Birthday.

Lacey Gemma Collins

I can not believe where the last year has gone.. and wow have
things really changed.. So so so many things have changed…
But undoubtedly the best and most dearest change for me
has been that my sister, gave birth to a precious baby girl.

I remember exactly where I was when I got the phone call
from Alana to say ‘yep… well those maternity pics you wanted
to take arent going to happen anymore’… Hours passed,
and then I got a sms with a pic introducing little Lacey.

I couldnt wait to get home to Ceduna to meet her.

I didn’t have a new years resolution this year, I had a new years goal…
and that was to take weekly photos of Lacey to capture her growth.
To remind me to not let ‘the routine of busy life’ get in the way, to not
take for granted those special people in my life and to also take photos to
document a special moment at home even if it isnt the
‘best’ location or lighting, and to cherish the ‘moments’ of life!
Although I didnt always take weekly photos, it amazes me to
see how much she has changed as I look through her progression.

She has grown so much, and is a super funny kid… Watching
her new little fads comes and go… Watching her sit up by
herself, then crawl, then pull her self up, then stand…
And very soon….. walking.. no doubt:) Has been such pleasure!

I am so excited about putting together Lacey’s 1st year album,
which will be such a great family heirloom for generations and
generations. Especially, when sadly, some of the people featured in
this album will no longer be with us.

We are so lucky and thankful to have Lacey in our lives and
I look forward to watching her grow and develop into an adult.. xx:)

Below are a few images captured only a couple of weeks ago for her
1st birthday party invitations

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