Gorgeous Backlighting….

It was such a lovely evening that I decided to take Rayn out to take some pictures.. 
I hadn’t taken photos of her for such a long time and I wanted to get some lovely golden images… 
I cant wait until the crops are ripe so that my images will have even more of a golden feel!
Sometimes I think, ohhhhh I wish I had children to take photographs of like some of my friends (I am going to be an Aunty soon!!) however, sometimes I think Rayn is a much better model.. hehehe 
She never says no, and she always stays where I ask her to.. And if I want different looks I just talk to her….
She did do another waving picture to say Hello, but I must admit it wasnt a great photo on my behalf, 
I was swatting mozzies by this stage and I was ready for home… 
Will have to take her out again soon!!