Newborn Photography

As many of you will have guessed, newborns are one of my favourite subjects to photograph… I often get asked what is the best age to photograph newborns and when is the best time to book a session.
Newborns are BEST photographed between 5-14 days old…

(All the photos you see following in this post are all in this age range!)

When they are this age they are still very sleepy and are used to being all squished up in their mothers womb, so they settle very easily into those curly poses.

It is a great idea to contact me and let me know your due date so that I can make sure I have a couple of days free the weeks around when bubs is due. It is also great to then write me a quick message once you have left hospital so we can schedule in the session.

This age can be the most difficult to photograph, but newborn images give the most joy. Remembering their tiny features, fuzzy hair, and all that is new about them, brings back those amazing memories in years to come. 

These days should be captured and always remembered.

Newborn sessions are relaxed and very casual. I want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. You can expect both posed shots and candids.

Sessions typically last for around 2 to 4 hours, depending on how hungry or sleepy baby is feeling. I will never rush your little one as each baby has their own schedule. Please be prepared to be patient and expect to take breaks. Newborns often need breaks to nurse or feed and just get some love from mum and dad.

The room needs to be very warm, if we are hot (be prepared to sweat it out with me), then it is the perfect temperature for your bub to be undressed. If we do the session at my home we will have the wood fire on and will also have a small fan blow heater to be right near the baby. There are numerous backdrops and fun props for you to go through and choose what you would like to use.

Newborns settle best for photographs when they have stayed up for a couple of hours before the shoot (whatever is a little more than normal). Sometimes this can be achieved through playing with bub on the floor exercising their legs etc.

When you first arrive I will get you to undress and take the nappy off your bub (to take away the marks on their skin from the nappy) and then feed your bub so they have a nice full tummy and are ready to sleep.

I hope this quick little overviewed gave you a bit of a better insight into my newborn photography.

I understand that welcoming a new member to your family can sometimes make things financially a bit tight. However, bubs is only going to be like this once, and it is such a precious fleeting moment in time to capture, I am more than happy to work out a payment plan that works better for you. 

I cant wait to share my next newborn shoot…