Jarin Keadon Oster sneak peek

Early this week I had the pleasure of meeting Kursha
and her beautiful nearly 6 week old baby boy Jarin Keadon Oster.

He did spend most of his session with his eyes open,
or just in that between state, of nearly asleep, half awake, I was
just so lucky that I got to look at his gorgeous blue eyes.

It was so lovely spending time with you Kursha
Here is a little sneak peek of our session:)

1 thought on “Jarin Keadon Oster sneak peek”

  1. Wow he is really,really gorgeous. I thought his mother was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen when she was born, but then I’m biased :)His father is not ugly either….hehehe. I’m Kursha’s grand aunt. “Nice Aunty Theresa”.

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