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Learn how to – photography one on one sessions

Mentoring budding photographers or people wanting to improve their skills for taking photos at home has been something I’ve been doing for the last few years. I’ve had the utmost pleasure of hanging out with and working with mums with cameras, hobby photographers and upcoming newborn, family and wedding photographers, sharing things I have learnt along my own photography journey. I enjoy doing this because I am working with people who clearly appreciate the value of good photography, understand the emotional value of a photograph, and who recognise that there is more to photography than just pointing and shooting.

I mentor these new friends of mine on simple things such as how to take better photos of your kids – because employing a professional photographer is not always an option but brilliant photos is the outcome that you always want. We go over what to look for when taking photos and how to store your photos on your computer and back ups – back ups are a MUST!

When we delve a little further, depending on the aims of the ‘student’, we are working on how to design albums and look for photos that compliment each other in a spread, instead of compete. We cover getting your photos in print – because digital storage is not a way to display your art! On the technical side of photography, I teach how to use Photoshop to get that creamy smooth baby skin, because we know newborns have a few blemishes in the early days! Editing out flies is an essential skill for Australian summer photography! And the tool that everyone wants to learn to use – the skinny tool!

For those looking for a more advanced mentoring in their photography journey I mentor in the use of the Adobe program, Lightroom – an essential tool in photography. Editing efficiently in Lightroom and getting photos straight from Lightroom and ready to go before moving to Photoshop are lessons that make a huge difference to your workflow – and something I am glad I learnt!

Photography mentoring is for people of all ages and skill level, with any equipment (though I continue to be partial to the Nikon!) and it is ideal to have a Mac to work on. Instead of going to cookie-cutter photography workshops that are based around their own programs and ideals, all mentoring sessions with me are tailored to what you want to learn, and as it is a one-on-one session you have all the time to ask and answer any questions you have and learn at your own pace. Photography lessons and mentoring can be done in your own home with your own computer, so that you don’t have to try and translate what you’ve learnt elsewhere to your own machine. We can work around your other duties, and have sessions during school hours, or late in the evening if that suits you.

Photography Lessons and Mentoring times and costs:

Minimum – 2 Hours – $410
Half Day – 4 hours – $700
Full Day – 8 Hours – $1100

I have put a lot of time and effort into my photography, attending many workshops, training seminars and myself getting mentoring from colleagues, and I’m now paying back my dues and passing on that knowledge to people who want to be better photographers. Use the contact button or email me at to begin your photography mentoring journey.

Below my youngest follower… After watching me in a newborn session, my niece Lacey wanted to take photos too! Here she is taking photos and telling Chelsea to smile… (she wanted to used the Nikon D4, but its a bit heavy, so we opted for the iPhone… CUTENESS!!

mentoring learn how to photography