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Welcome Chelsea | Newborn photos

Last Friday I had the best wake up ever… Alana’s waters had broke and she was going to the hospital soon!! I was so happy… I was going to be an Aunty again… Newborn photos…. and because I missed Lacey first day because I was away working, and even though I had scheduled my diary around her due date, you can just never tell when bubs is going to be ready… and I was home when bub was ready to arrive… I was ready stoked!

It was an absolute honour to meet Chelsea, it will be a day I never forget… Thank you Alana and Bummer for allowing me to join in your precious moments.

Lacey is now a big sister, and way too cute! Plenty more photos coming on the blog over the next few weeks of Lacey and Chelsea… But for now, I introduce my precious second niece…

newborn photos

Im not sure if anyone following the blog remembers Lacey introduction…
I wanted to do the exact same thing for Chelsea so we could see the similarities:)

newborn photos

Can you spot the differences…

newborn photos


Huge thank you to Alana… without her I wouldnt have been able to get this shot… You did awesome:)

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  1. karen collins

    I thought the two girls where diffrent in looks.
    How wrong they are little twins just 18 months apart.

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