Welcome to the new BLOG…

Welcome to my NEW blog… And also… I am adding another PRIZE to the Competition Giveaway!!

Wow.. Designing this new blog took me ALOT longer than I expected…. I was going to leave this until January.. However when people were letting me know that they were having trouble seeing my other blog… I thought OK better get on to this NOW!!!

I am still trying to iron out a few things so please bare with me while I fix these things.

In the New Year I will be adding more information about me, sessions, wedding packages & galleries.

OK now on too the good stuff…..

I am so amazed and THANKFUL to EVERYONE who has entered the competition, and I am so excited to see who the winner is.

I have decided to celebrate the new blog and the success of the competition by giving away a runner up prize!! It will be a

$200 voucher towards a portrait package of the runner ups choice.


(oh and P.S. you can now comment on my blog!! I would love to hear from you.. Feel free to comment)

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new BLOG…”

  1. Amazing new blog your talents never fail to Amaze me well done Jade 🙂 and a second prize dor your comp whoop whoop how exciting xx

  2. Love the new blog Jade, you’re very clever! yes a second prize does sound fab, will defintely settle for that! Good luck with everything and have a lovely Crimbo! x

  3. WOW Jade your blog looks really really great. Fresh and easy to navigate… defiantely going to be stalking it in future!! Have a lovely lovely christmas 🙂

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