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When to book for newborn photos

Wondering, when should I book a session for my newborn photos?

As soon as possible, is the answer. We are getting so many inquiries at the moment for bubs that are 1 – 6 weeks old, and unfortunately we arent able to help! It is best to get in super early. After you have gone through the search to find a  photographers work you love and you feel comfortable with them, lock that session in. While you can’t know when the actual newborn photo shoot will be, you can tee up an approximate time with your newborn photographer so they can allow room to move in their diary around your due date. Booking as early as you can, it will ensure you get the newborn photographer and beautiful pictures you want and can cherish for a lifetime.

What to expect in your newborn photo session…

We like to photograph newborns around days 5-10 after birth, so if we can schedule for then it will work best!  We will be doing all sleepy, curly shots in their birthday suit. Make sure your newborn has a VERY FULL belly; the full belly is to ensure that once we start we can get right into posing. If you can keep your newborn up for 1-2 hours before the session that would help to make them a little sleepier for the session.

Mum’s sit a little way away during the session so that we can keep the newborn peaceful. Sometimes if they smell or hear you that can make them restless and harder to pose. It’s amazing how newborns work and their drive to eat!! Its need to be warm for bub to be comfortable undressed so make sure and dress light. The session will take 3-4 hours, so please bring snacks, beverages, reading material to pass the time, or treat yourself and have a well deserved nap.

If you would like to send out a birth announcements shortly after the session, then please let us know and this can be done before your full proof gallery is completed.

newborn photographers baby boy



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  1. Hello Jade,

    I was just enquiring about prices for a newborn photo shoot for my brother-in-law and his wife as they have just had a baby boy. 🙂 They are situated in Streaky Bay and I would love to get the family in on the prices so we can arrange some beautiful photos to surprise them.

    Your photography is amazing and I think they would be thrilled with the photos!

    Thanks Jade


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